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2017 PBS Digital Innovators Program

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Are you a classroom changemaker? Applications for the PBS Digital Innovator program are being accepted now through February 12, 2017.

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It’s Time to Make Screen Time Family Time

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Today’s children have access to multiple screens – from television and tablets to laptops and smart phones – causing parents to wonder if they may be spending too much time with media. New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) include good news for parents on children’s TV time, placing greater emphasis on the quality of the media kids interact with, rather than the quantit

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12-Year-Old Genius Says He's A Normal Kid

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Tanishq Abraham says he likes playing video games. But he really isn't like ordinary children, Abraham has been a MENSA member since he was four years old. He Gave a TED Talk when he was nine.

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Tufts University Grads Hear From Several Commencement Speakers

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The graduates heard from actor Hank Azaria and some of the characters he voices on The Simpsons. Chief Wiggum, Apu and the Comic Book Guy were just a few of the voices Azaria did for the crowd.

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Career And Technical Education: Boom Or Bust?

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Vocational education in high schools fell out of favor decades ago. For career and technical education to succeed today, a key researcher says a lot has to change.

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Privacy advocates say student data legislation needs more work

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The Legislature is considering legislation that would prohibit companies from selling personally identifiable student data or advertising to students on electronic platforms.

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Moms Around The World Teach Their Kids A Lot Of Cool Rules

Last Updated by Vicky Hallett on

Global mothers give special wisdom depending where they live. What do you call your elders? Do you know how to gather firewood? What's the family password?

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A Shot At An Equal Education

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How much does it cost to educate a student? Michigan is wrapping up a school funding study.

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5 Pieces Of Wisdom For Kindergarten Teachers

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Teaching 5-year-olds how to read and count, while molding them into kind, confident students isn't easy. In kindergarten, every day is a surprise, says Marissa McGee, one of our 50 Great Teachers.

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Working Class: Connecting Classrooms & Careers

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Tuesday, May 3rd from 9-11am

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