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Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch Butterflies - Millersburg

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Envirothon in Huntidgdon 

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Lacawac Sanctuary

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The Lacawac Sanctuary in Lake Ariel

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The Chiaroscuro Jazz Conservancy

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This past Sunday WVIA hosted the students of Berwick Area High School, pianist Ted Rosenthal and the NEPA Jazz Alliance for our annual

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WVIA's Artist Celebration

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WVIA and Mainstreet Gallery are showcasing the artwork of our

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Education News from WVIA - January 2014

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In This Issue :: Teacher of the Month :: Scholastic Achievement Awards Show :: Everhart Museum for Students!

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WVIA Clubhouse

WVIA Clubhouse

Fun and educational games, upcoming events, Passport 2 Fun and much more!

Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week

Calls attention to high school students who excel in the study of the arts

Scholastic Scrimmage

Scholastic Scrimmage

Quiz show that challenges students from WVIA’s school districts about all academic disciplines

NPR Education News

A New Way To Get College Students Through A Psychiatric Crisis — And Back To School

A partnership between a mental health care provider and colleges is redefining emergency mental health care on...

DeVos To Rescind Obama-Era Guidance On School Discipline

The report from the Federal Commission on School Safety will back away from a focus on racial disparities in...

Suspensions Are Down In U.S. Schools But Large Racial Gaps Remain

Black students and students with a disability are twice as likely to be suspended, according to an analysis of...

Teen Girls And Their Moms Get Candid About Phones And Social Media

About half of all teens say they've tried to cut back on their phone use. But one of the girls we spoke with says...

How To Make Sure Your Math Anxiety Doesn't Make Your Kids Hate Math

A new study shows that creating an environment in which math is part of everyday life, can help kids do better in...

Education Department To Fix Troubled Grant Program; Students To Get Loan Forgiveness

Also this week, the Kentucky Supreme Court struck down a bill that prompted thousands of teachers to protest this...

With Lawsuits Looming, $150 Million In Student Loan Debt Cancelled

Facing legal battles, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos canceled $150 million in student loan debt from borrowers who...

Defeated In Court, Education Dept. To Cancel $150 Million Of Student Loan Debt

The money goes back to borrowers whose colleges shut down, in many cases because of fraud and mismanagement.

Facing Enrollment Declines, Colleges Seek Out New, Creative Ways To Make Money

Enrollment of both undergrads and graduate students has been declining for years. Meanwhile colleges are getting...

Kentucky Supreme Court Strikes Down Pension Law That Sparked Teacher Protests

The decision is a major victory for state employees, as well as for state Attorney General Andy Beshear as he runs...