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National Family Week Conference: A Community Built to Conquer Opioid Addiction

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A Conference for Individuals, Families and Service Providers. Presented by Family Service Association of Northeast Pennsylvania

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GCSM Preventive Medicine Lecture Series

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Psychology of Healthy Eating & The Pleasure Trap

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Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Why Is Nutrition Ignored In Medicine?

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Airs Tuesday, January 10th at 7p, Thursday, January 12th at 8p, Sunday, January 15th at 12p, Monday, January 23rd at 7p, Thursday, January 26th at 10:30p and Thursday, February 2nd at 8p on WVIA-TV

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The Concert to Face Addiction

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Airs Thursday, November 2nd at 8p on WVIA-TV

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Fact or Fiction? Reverse Cardiovascular Disease with Nutrition

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Airs Tuesday, May 17th at 7p on WVIA-TV

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Kendra Aucker

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President and CEO of Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg

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Dr. David Feinberg

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Dr. David Feinberg - President, Geisinger Health System

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Arthritis: Changes, Resources and Treatments

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Our goal is to help you learn to live a healthy, happy life with Arthritis.

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Arthritis: Signs, Symptoms & Testing

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Call the Doctor explores Signs, Symptoms & Testing for Arthritis

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Reinventing American Health Care - Premiere Event

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The red carpet premiere from the campus of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA

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