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The Case Of Charlie Gard Divides Doctors And Parents

Last Updated by Joanna Kakissis on

Should parents or doctors have the final say when treating critically ill children? It's a question that's being hotly debated in Britain with the case of Charlie Gard.

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'Living Drug' That Fights Cancer By Harnessing Immune System Clears Key Hurdle

Last Updated by Rob Stein on

An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration recommends the agency, for the first time, approve a new kind of treatment that uses genetically modified immune cells to attack cancer cells.

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More People Are Making Mistakes With Medicines At Home

Last Updated by Courtney Columbus on

A study analyzing data from poison control centers finds that the rate of serious medication errors outside health care settings doubled between 2000 and 2012.

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Shift In Drug Approval Process At FDA Under Trump?

Last Updated by NPR on

This week, the FDA did something rare: it reversed itself, and said it would no longer require further study of a drug for a rare disease.

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GCSM Preventive Medicine Lecture Series

Posted by WVIA Admin on

Psychology of Healthy Eating & The Pleasure Trap

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Secret Republican Senate Talks Are Shaping Health Care Legislation

Last Updated by Susan Davis on

A group of 13 Republican senators is leading the negotiations to craft a new bill to repeal and replace most of the Affordable Care Act. Senators plan to vote by the August recess.

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As GOP Health Care Push Moves To Senate, White House Questions Value Of CBO Analysis

Last Updated by Miles Parks on

"I think I know the Gospel pretty well," a White House spokeswoman said after the House passed a health care bill without the official legislative scoring, "and I'd say the CBO is not the Gospel."

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Ideas Behind Health Care Policy Ignite Passions

Last Updated by Scott Greenstone on

When it comes to health care, there are two philosophies pushing against each other. But why does it get so heated?

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The Future Of The GOP Health Care Plan

Last Updated by Ron Elving on

The White House claimed a victory this week with the House passage of the bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. NPR's Ron Elving joins Scott Simon to talk about the bill's prospects in the Senate.

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Obamacare Vs. American Health Care Act: Here's Where They Differ

Last Updated by Alison Kodjak on

NPR looks at how the Affordable Care Act and American Health Care Act differ in terms of insurance marketplaces, the individual mandate, guaranteed coverage and insurance subsidies.

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