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Bike PGH

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Season 3, Episode 3

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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in Philadelphia

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NPR Health News

Nurse Denied Life Insurance Because She Carries Naloxone

The U.S. surgeon general has called on "bystanders" to be equipped with the opioid reversal drug to save lives. But...

Former NFL Player Tim Green Has A New Opponent — ALS

A well-known voice on NPR in the 1990s, Tim Green is one of a growing number of former football players with the...

Research Gaps Leave Doctors Guessing About Treatments For Pregnant Women

To protect a developing fetus from experimental drugs or treatments that might cause birth defects, pregnant women...

'We're Fighting For Our Lives': Patients Protest Sky-High Insulin Prices

The price of insulin keeps going up. For people with Type 1 diabetes, high prices can be a life and death issue. Now...

Health News from Next Avenue

The Unique Challenges Facing LGBT People With Dementia

(This article appeared previously on the Diverse Elders Coalition website.) “LGBT and Dementia,” a recently released...

The Satisfying Art of Printmaking

(This article is part of the VITALITY ARTS SPECIAL REPORT) Printmaking isn’t where Eric Rewitzer started in art, but...

Ways to Cut the High Cost of Senior Housing

One of the most common complaints about senior housing is this: it’s too $%&! expensive. Depending on the community,...

The Nuance of Death With Dignity

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a special report for The John A. Hartford Foundation.) Death with dignity is a...

The 3 Biggest Risks to Prepare for As You Retire

Did you know that of those who die on Mt. Everest, 80 percent died not on the way up, but on the way down? They had...

Give Your Grandchild a Memorable Holiday Gift

During the holiday season, grandparents may be tempted to send their grandkids gift cards, write checks or ask the...