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Bike PGH

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Season 3, Episode 3

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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in Philadelphia

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House Democrats' Focus On Abortion Could Stymie Work With Senate

Members of the new Democratic majority in the House vow to reverse restrictions that Republicans have imposed on...

Medical Students Push For More LGBT Health Training To Address Disparities

One in 5 LGBT adults has avoided medical care for fear of discrimination, according to a recent survey, and 80...

How Much Is That CAT Scan? Now You Can Check (If You Know Billing Codes)

Starting this month, hospitals must publish prices for procedures and services online. Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal of...

Federal Shutdown Has Meant Steep Health Bills For Some Families

An air traffic controller is just one employee locked into the terms of a health plan because of the ongoing federal...

Health News from Next Avenue

6 Great Health Books to Read This Year

We hear a lot in the news and from the many health and aging advocacy organizations about how we can live better and...

Civil Discourse in an Era of Polarization

People are unhappy; we live in a time of fragmentation and polarization. Our society is divided by rampant tribalism...

A Bicontinental Life of Giving Back in Retirement

When Marilyn Traugott took an early retirement in 2007 from her job as manager of Mercy Hospice, she left behind her...

How to Make Family Business Succession Successful

Nothing succeeds like success, the saying goes. But for family businesses, it’s smart succession planning that can...

How to Become a Mentor to Young People

Across the country today, millions will mark the Martin Luther King Day of Service by showing up to help others...

Let Your Grown Children Find Their Own Way

Many of us believe the wisdom we distill from surviving life’s obstacle course is best directed at rescuing our kids...