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The zero-proof movement goes beyond Dry January

The Volstead in Philadelphia.
The Volstead in Philadelphia.

It’sFeb. 1. That,of course,means the end of Dry January —themovementtobe alcohol-freeforthefirst month of the year.

It’s a growing trend. One poll found that 21 percent of adults said they would be cutting back on drinking to begin 2024.

The popularity of Dry January is part of a larger zero-proof movement here in the U.S. Non-alcoholic sales totaled half a billion dollars in sales as of July 2023. Restaurants and bars are offering more mocktails on their menus. Even brands like Guinness and White Claw are adding non-alcoholic options to their lineups.

During the first year of the pandemic, alcohol sales saw the largest increase in over 50 years. Is the zero-proof movement a backlash to the boozy pandemic? Are non-alcoholic brews and bars here to stay?

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Michelle Harven