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From the very beginning of WVIA's service, we decided we would use the power of media differently. Television and radio are organized changes in the earth's electromagnetic field and magnetism sent hurtling through the air on invisible radio waves. All broadcasters use this same technology. What sets WVIA apart is our dedication to using this medium for good, to benefit the community, to educate, inspire and enrich lives. We hold ourselves to higher standards and respect that our audience has an appetite for excellence.

Our programming has changed over the course of our 50-year history but our fundamental mission has not. In fact, our mission may be even more important today than ever. WVIA is here to serve the region, to use this powerful broadcast medium to deliver educational enlightenment, to nourish the human spirit, and to unite us as a community that is stronger when we are informed and engaged with each other.

June marks the 50th anniversary of Agnes, at the time the costliest hurricane to hit the United States.  Our region was at the epicenter, so watch for a special WVIA documentary Agnes 50: Life After the Flood as well as a series of screenings and community conversations at which you can share your own stories.  

It's alarming to realize Americans are living in an age of declining journalism.  Many local newspapers have closed operations and the Pew Research Center reports that employment in newspaper newsrooms plunged 57% from 2009 to 2020. Our region deserves better, so because of you WVIA is making a significant investment in the multi-platform WVIA Journalism Initiative.  This year you’ll notice expanded local coverage in Morning Edition and All Things Considered on WVIA radio with occasional special reports in WVIA TV programs.  And checkout our new website

Even as we all hope the COVID-19 pandemic is receding, we realize in these challenging times WVIA’s  public service mission  is more important and more relevant than ever before. WVIA is stronger because of your support and we are excited about our future ahead. Thank you from all of us at WVIA!



Carla McCabe
WVIA President & CEO

WVIA Mission

WVIA educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures, and perspectives to nurture community.

WVIA Vision

A joyful, engaged, well-informed, compassionate community via public media.

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