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A Message from Our President

Like many businesses, WVIA budgets and operates on a fiscal year basis, and we are grateful for the generous support of our community that enabled us to expand our public service in the past year and look forward to continuing growth in this new fiscal year. This summer feels like the start of a new chapter for our region.  As vaccination rates rise locally and COVID-19 infection rates decline,  it’s encouraging to see families resume vacations, arts centers resume performances and exhibitions,  and it seems we’re all experiencing a sigh of relief.

You can count on Erika Funke’s ArtScene on WVIA radio and our online ArtScene Calendar to publicize and celebrate the increasing regional arts and entertainment opportunities. And WVIA was proud to welcome many instrumentalists recording music for this summer’s shows in the Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Listen for it as you enjoy the free outdoor performances.

One of the PBS highlights of the spring was the Ken Burns documentary Hemingway. It was 60 years ago this month that the great author died, but July was also the month of his birth, so WVIA is hosting a series of free Hemingway birthday parties around the region, complete with refreshments and prizes.  See the schedule and make your free reservation here

Even as WVIA’s talented and hard-working staff  enjoy some vacation time over the summer, we’re still busy making plans for the year ahead. We’re proud to have completed over 30 episodes of our new multi-platform public affairs series, Keystone Edition, working with many partner organizations to provide timely information about important topics in community affairs, business, health, and the arts.  We’re taking a break over the summer to plan for the fall, and we’d welcome your input.  Which programs did you find most valuable?  What topics or stories should we cover in the future?  Please submit any comments to

Best wishes for a wonderful summer, and as always, thank you for your support for the public service mission of WVIA.


Carla McCabe
WVIA President & CEO

WVIA Mission

WVIA educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures, and perspectives to nurture community.

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A joyful, engaged, well-informed, compassionate community via public media.

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