President and Chief Executive Officer


Position Title: President and Chief Executive Officer, VIA Public Media

Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania, serving a 23-county region in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania, including the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre region.


VIA Public Media is a respected, award-winning public television and radio licensee, serving Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania. VIA Public Media is marking its 54th anniversary this year. It is a joint licensee serving audiences on platforms including radio, TV, digital and through educational and community outreach events. The CEO leads a dedicated team of professionals, working closely with a supportive board of directors. The CEO works with the team to develop content and create new business opportunities. The CEO’s prime function is oversight of VIA Public Media, whose mission is: “VIA Public Media educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures and perspectives to nurture community.” The CEO will advance this mission by leading an effective and efficient organization, generating and administering resources to support the mission and leveraging long-term sustainability to ensure VIA Public Media will flourish for future generations.

In support of the VIA Public Media Strategic Plan, the CEO will work with the organization to attain and exceed the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan with emphasis on four strategic pillars: content, culture, organizational sustainability and technology.

The CEO leads a vibrant public media organization in support of its vision -- “a joyful, engaged, well-informed, compassionate community via public media.”

Essential Functions:

Overall Leadership and Management

  1. Work with the executive team, lead the organization on all matters including strategic planning, content development, fundraising and development, budget oversight, human relations, technology, and community outreach.
  2. Work closely with the board of directors to ensure that the organization meets and exceeds goals outlined in the strategic plan, while striving to make VIA Public Media indispensable to the audiences served.
  3. Maintain excellent communications with the board and other stakeholders.
  4. Engage with the board to coordinate fundraising efforts.
  5. Develop a robust community outreach program, reaching diverse audiences in the 23-county region.
  6. Generate and administer resources to create and deliver mission- based services, fostering a culture of fundraising.
  7. Oversee the content team to deliver fresh, relevant and differentiated local content on platforms that provide the greatest value to audiences.
  8. Strengthen the collaborative relationship among all VIA platforms – radio, TV, educational outreach and digital services, as well as the relationship between national content and local engagement.
  9. Build an organization that attracts and retains high-quality staff to fulfill our mission. Maintain a culture of diversity and inclusion; manage an excellent human resources function.
  10. Increase digital awareness and ensure that VIA has the technical infrastructure to create and deliver mission-based services.

Additional Responsibilities

  1. Act as a liaison with the public media community – stations and national organizations. Travel to key public media conferences, gaining insights into successful national and local initiatives, policies, and trends.
  2. Monitor and stay abreast of industry changes and their impact on VIA Public Media, especially in the area of technology.
  3. Position the CEO as an active, engaged member of the VIA Public Media regional community.
  4. Develop a succession plan at all levels of the organization and foster professional development and leadership training opportunities for staff members.
  5. Identify strategic partnerships that benefit VIA Public Media and follow through with contract development and compliance.
  6. Ensure compliance with all relevant FCC, PBS, CPB and other generally applicable public media guidelines.
  7. Manage research for audience development; establish metrics to measure organizational goals.
  8. Establish leadership development programs to help staff effectively pursue and achieve strategic goals.
  9. Review and develop strategic planning on a three-year rolling basis.
  10. Develop a strong communication program with the board, staff and community and all stakeholders of VIA Public Media.


  • Minimum of three years in leadership capacity, planning and resource development, working with a team and managing budgets.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Experience in public media is a preferred but not required. Other examples of fields to be considered include (but not limited to): communications, publishing, technology, foundation/endowment and education.

Other Skills, Knowledge:

  • Proven ability to leverage technology
  • Ability to build a business and drive results
  • Outstanding communication and listening skills
  • Ability to motivate and inspire a team
  • Collaborative approach to engaging the board, employees the community and all stakeholders
  • Proven ability to understand and serve the local community
  • Ability to apply business principles in an innovative non-profit setting
  • Experience in developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships.
  • Experience in developing new products reflective of changing markets
  • Ability to communicate the organization’s mission and vision effectively


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Transparency
  • Trust and fairness
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Authenticity
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Stewardship and gratitude
  • Commitment to the values of editorial integrity
  • Ability to inspire and envision
  • Consistent management style
  • Courage
  • Embrace the Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania community

To apply, send resume to:

Candidates are encouraged to include a letter of introduction, detailing your commitment to excellence and your vision for VIA Public Media.

You can download a flyer for this position here.

VIA is assisted in this search by NETA Consulting. For further information and to discuss this opportunity, you are invited to contact Skip Hinton or Linda O'Byron.

For best consideration, submit application by March 23rd.

“VIA Public Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer”