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Conversations for the Common Good

Presented by WVIA and Bloomsburg University

Conversations for the Common Good is an interdisciplinary, university and community-wide movement linking Bloomsburg University students, staff, faculty, and administrators, plus community partners and the general public in a single goal: to invest time, talent, and resources to promote dialogue that unites, and bridges seemingly vast divides, within the community it serves.

WVIA and Bloomsburg University present Conversations for the Common Good

The Dobbs Decision: Women’s Rights, Law, and Health Care in America

The discussion features Dahlia Lithwick, the author of Lady justice: women, the law, and the battle to save America (New York: Penguin, 2022). Ms. Lithwick is a columnist and senior editor at Slate, and the creator of a podcast called Amicus. Other panelists joining Ms. Lithwick are Orlando Valle, Jr., MD, a Geisinger Medical Center OB-GYN specialist, and Willow Eby-Fischer, a nurse from Northumberland with long experience in reproductive health care.

The discussion focuses on the implications of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision for the future of U.S. society at large.

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Civil Discourse, Civic Engagement. Presented by WVIA & Bloomsburg University
From the Gross Auditorium on the campus of Bloomsburg University
WVIA’s Larry Vojtko leads a discussion of the film "American Creed".