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WVIA Education Grab and Go Bags

It’s a stressful time and WVIA, the regional Intermediate Units, and The Pennsylvania Department of Education want to help!

Right now, school districts around the region are distributing Stress Helper bags to students of all ages. Whether it’s the stress ball that helps calm an anxious mind, or the colored pencils which provide a quiet outlet for creativity and reflection, items in the bag are specifically chosen to help relieve stress and increase focus. And don’t forget to read all about Coping Skills and participate in the Kind Acts Bingo Challenge! Both also found in our Stress Helper bags.

This is just one small way we are trying to make a difference in the lives of students everywhere.

WVIA will align social/emotional learning based programming on WVIA-TV with “grab and go” bags distributed to the regional IUs (CSIU, LIU, BLaST IU, NEIU).

6,000 Stress Helper grab and go bags will feature content and resources aimed at connecting families and individuals (especially children) with social/emotional learning skills and stress/coping skills information and activities.

Additionally, WVIA will be distributing Raspberry Pi units to each IU to be delivered to identified families who lack internet connectivity and/or technology. These units will provide immediate access to curated and targeted educational online content related to socio-emotional skills and Trauma Informed Care.

PRIORITY Focus Areas:

  1. Social & Emotional Learning
  2. Trauma Informed Care (relieving stress, practicing coping skills)
  3. Universal Design - geared at filling in gaps in equity and acquisition
  4. Deficit Skills - activities will align with PDE standards
  5. Vulnerable Populations (those who lack internet connectivity and/or technology)
  1. Over 300 Raspberry Pi units distributed to the 4 IUs to provide identified families with vital technology and content
  2. 6,000 bags distributed to the 4 IUs for distribution to students and families
  3. WVIA partnerships with healthcare organizations and community services to facilitate the acquisition of services, information, and support for students and families