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Pennsylvania to receive more than $171M for electric vehicle infrastructure

Over the next four years, Pennsylvania is expected to receive $171.5 million in funding for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Currently about 205 PA residents out of 100,000 have registered an electric vehicle.

The funding is part of a Biden administration plan that has been approved in 34 states and Puerto Rico.

That plan details how those locations will roll out their part of an ambitious national electric vehicle charging network.

The approval means 900-million dollars in National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding will start flowing to states under the infrastructure law to create a national fast-charging network for electric vehicles.

Building out a reliable and convenient network is critical to spur more adoption of the technology, which is itself key to reducing greenhouse emissions that cause global warming, according to lawmakers and advocates.

In practical terms, it means residents in some of those states could see more charging stations start popping up along major travel corridors as early as next summer.

Biden has a goal of ultimately installing 500,000 chargers across America and building a network of fast-charging stations across 53,000 miles of freeways from coast to coast.