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Weekly news quiz: From competing AIs to ready-to-strike unions, who's NOT in a fight?

From left: Marta, UPS practice picketer, disturbing fish
Franck Fife/AFP via Getty Images, Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
From left: Marta, UPS practice picketer, disturbing fish

This week saw a seemingly higher-than-usual number of people, animals and machines fighting the status quo. A mammal took on Big Dinosaur, albeit 125 million years ago. Workers faced down Big Capitalism with strikes and lawsuits. Authors sent a strongly worded letter to Big AI! Air conditioners are doing their best against Big Climate Change. The Women's World Cup is a veritable symphony of under-doggedness.

To stretch this already-strained metaphor even more, roséwave is battling Big Existential Angst and NPR subverted Big Genre Expectations by hosting a GWAR Tiny Desk.

Anyway, at least a few other things happened. How well were you paying attention?

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Holly J. Morris
Holly J. Morris works on NPR's Training team. She was an editor at The Washington Post Express, National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report, and a college teacher.