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Carnegie Mellon is now offering graduate certificate programs in AI, 3D bioprinting and data science

Gene J. Puskar

Carnegie Mellon University is offering new specialized graduate certificate programs designed for professionals in fast-changing industries.

The online courses aim to provide advanced training in Artificial Intelligence, 3D bioprinting, and machine learning to engineers and data-driven professionals.

Vice Provost Marsha Lovett said the programs are designed to provide opportunities to those who have completed college and want to gain certification in evolving technologies, but aren’t able to return to campus in-person, or full time.

What we're really trying to do in each of these certificates is give students a chance to learn some of the really modern and cutting edge techniques in a way that they can be applied,” Lovett said.

Each course will incorporate practical applications of these techniques. The biomedical engineering class offered, 3D bioprinting and biofabrication, will teach students to build their own 3D bioprinter and learn techniques to create biomaterials, according to Lovett.

Lovett said CMU is one of the only institutions globally to offer this kind of bioprinting and biomaterial course.

“The folks who invented these techniques and these procedures are here in Pittsburgh at CMU,” Lovett explained.

The university has also been a leader in AI research since Herbert Simon and Allen Newell invented the field in the 1950s. Lovett said the AI engineering course, AI engineering fundamentals — mechanical engineering, is particularly distinctive to the university. The course is designed to enable mechanical engineers to apply machine learning algorithms

and benefit from ongoing research at CMU.

The computational data science course, computational data science foundations, is designed to equip students to handle and effectively analyze extensive data sets.

Lovett said more graduate certificate programs in development are set to launch later this academic year.

Abby Yoder