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Fetterman plans to return to lieutenant governor responsibilities early next week

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman submitted his declaration to Pennsylvania’s General Assembly that he is again able to assume the duties of the position, the Wolf administration announced on Wednesday.

Fetterman, who alsowon the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday, underwent a medical procedure to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator after he experienced a stroke days before the primary.

President Pro Tempore of the Senate Jake Corman temporarily assumed the lieutenant governor’s responsibilities.

"We continue to wish the lieutenant governor the very best as he continues to focus on his health and recovery. However, as the lieutenant governor undergoes a standard procedure, there is a process in place to ensure that our government remains fully operational," Governor Tom Wolf said in a statement on Tuesday. "This is a short-term transfer of power, and we hope and expect the lieutenant governor to resume his duties very soon."

Pennsylvania law requires the lieutenant governor’s office to submit a written declaration to the General Assembly “noting that no disability exists” before he can return to his duties. A four-day waiting period is also required.

Fetterman submitted his declaration on Wednesday and is expected to return to work on May 23.

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Julia Zenkevich