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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring has sprung! Start the season off right by stocking your kitchen with nutritious ingredients to help you get meals and snacks ready in no time at all.

- First, raid your pantry! Remove all expired foods and donate unwanted shelf-stable foods to a local food bank. Then restock it with healthful staples like brown rice, oats, canned tuna, beans, and pasta sauce.

- Next, stock your refrigerator with weekly staples such as fresh fruits and veggies, rotisserie chicken, eggs, yogurt, hummus, and cheese.

- And finally, fill your freezer with a variety of recipe-ready fruits and veggies to use in smoothies, side dishes, and stir fries. Other freezer aisle staples could include lower sodium meals that contain whole grains, lean or plant-based protein, and fiber.

For more tips and wellness news you can use, visit WVIA.org and click on Weis Healthy Bites.