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WVIA Recognized for Impact: Six Prestigious PAB Awards Celebrate Local Storytelling

WVCIA PAB Award Graphic

PITTSTON, PA - WVIA, Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania's public media station, is honored to announce it has received six awards from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) for its outstanding work in 2023.

These prestigious honors recognize WVIA's commitment to delivering essential local news, informative programs, and captivating arts and entertainment content for our region.

“These awards represent so much more than success for WVIA. They acknowledge the important role we play in informing, educating, and entertaining our neighbors, and inspire us to continue delivering essential public media that strengthens our region.” said WVIA Chief Content Officer, Ben Payavis II. “We are deeply grateful for the continued trust, support, and encouragement from our communities, and look forward to building upon this success in years to come.”

The PAB Awards represent the pinnacle of broadcasting excellence in the state, judged by a panel of industry professionals. WVIA's six recognitions span a variety of categories, reflecting its commitment to serving audiences across various interests and representing all facets of its communities.

  • Outstanding Use of Digital Media
    -WVIA presents PIZZA!, Digital Short-Form Documentary Series
    -ROAR: The Story of the Southern Columbia Football Tigers, Documentary Launch
    -Mind Over Matter, Season Recap
  • Outstanding Feature Story/Report
    -The Hooded Graves of Catawissa, VIA Short Take
    -Conversation group in Scranton Helps refugees from around the world, WVIA News story
  • Outstanding Television Documentary-ROAR: The Story of the Southern Columbia Football Tigers, Documentary

In addition to these awards, WVIA's impact extends far beyond broadcast. In 2023, the station reached over 2 million viewers and 1 million listeners, provided educational resources to thousands of students, and hosted community events that engaged residents across the region.

“These awards are a reflection of the countless hours, late nights, and passionate hearts poured into every story we tell,” stated WVIA President & CEO, Carla McCabe. “We do this together, for our communities.”

Winners were announced online on Friday, February 9th, and a luncheon will be held at The Harrisburg Hilton on Friday April 26th, 2024 at noon, where winners will receive their awards.

About the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters
The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters endeavors to promote collaboration between radio and television broadcast station owners, managers and staff across the Commonwealth. We assist our member stations in serving their communities, audiences and advertisers through FCC licensed free, over-the-air broadcast program operations.

About WVIA
WVIA is the PBS and NPR affiliate serving over 22 counties in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. For over 50 years WVIA has been committed to serving the people by offering informational, educational, and entertaining content that enriches and expands viewpoints and serves as a catalyst for positive change. WVIA television channels include WVIA TV, WVIA PBS Kids 24/7, and WVIA Create. WVIA’s radio channels include WVIA Radio, WVIA HD2, and the Chiaroscuro Channel. WVIA’s programs can also be found streaming live and on-demand on wvia.org and the WVIA app.

WVIA Mission
WVIA educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures, and perspectives to nurture community.