VIA American Soundscape

Saturday, July 4th at 12 p.m.

With many local Independence Day events being canceled this year, VIA will air the Star-Spangled Banner & Pledge of Allegiance on both VIA Radio and VIA Television for viewers and listeners alike to enjoy together, while remaining safe to celebrate the holiday.

The program then will continue for the rest of the hour on VIA Radio featuring patriotic favorites, including Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, Tchaikovsky’s Finale from the 1812 Overture along with patriotic choral arrangements intertwined with stories of local citizens’ memories of the Fourth of July.


National Anthem The Star SpangledThe Military BandConcert Arts Symphonic Band12:00:000:01:48
Festival Ov. on "The Star-Spangled Ban."American PortraitsSt. Louis Symphony Orchestra12:04:000:06:13
America the BeautifulAmerica the Dream Goes OnTanglewood Festival Chorus12:11:000:03:09
God Bless AmericaThe Majesty of AmericaMormon Tabernacle Choir; Alexander Schreiner, organ; Frank Asper, organ12:15:000:02:23
Liberty FanfareAmerican JubileeCincinnati Pops Orchestra12:17:000:04:17
Semper Fidelis (1888)The Sousa LegacyNew Sousa Band12:23:000:02:41
The Thunderer (1889)AmericanaCincinnati Pops Orchestra12:25:000:02:37
Battle Hymn of the RepublicAmerican JubileeCincinnati Pops Orchestra/May Festival Chorus12:30:000:05:08
Down a Country LaneCopland: Old American SongsSaint Paul Chamber Orchestra12:38:000:02:51
Chester from New England TriptychMade in USASeattle Symphony Orchestra12:40:000:03:00
Fanfare for the Common ManAmerican PortraitsSt. Louis Symphony Orchestra12:44:000:03:01
Hymn for America for double mixed choruSpirit of AmericaMormon Tabernacle Choir12:49:000:03:16
1812 Overture Op 49The Tsar Greatest HitsChicago Symphony Orchestra12:52:000:03:20
Stars and Stripes ForeverGreat MarchesNew York Philharmonic12:56:000:03:14

Guidelines for Comments

Help VIA, your community-owned radio station, bring together citizens from around our region to celebrate Independence Day by sharing your comments, reminiscences, remarks, sentiments or even trivia about the founding of the United States, its history and this continuing “american experiment” in representative democracy.

When you begin recording your comment please state your name (first name only is acceptable) and your town or county of residence. Then proceed with your comment or story.

Length - between :20 and 1:15

Suggestions for content:

  • How do you celebrate the 4th? Do you have a tradition?
  • Why is it important to celebrate the 4th?
  • What should we keep in mind as we celebrate America’s birthday?
  • Share a memory of an Independence Day celebration special to you.
  • Share a factoid about America, Independence Day, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, etc.
  • Get your kids or grandchildren involved.

Recording methods: cell phone, tablet, computer.

Recording formats: mp3, wav, AIFF

How to submit:

Go to your favorite social media platform and post your comment using #VIA4th.

Attach your audio file to an email to

Submissions are due by June 29, 2020.