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Lost in the Bronx/New Neighbors

Season 1 Episode 36 | 23m 25s

When Alma and Uncle Nestor get separated from the rest of the family on the subway, Alma relies on a plan she made with Mami to reunite them. / Alma and Junior are excited about their new neighbors. Alma and Beto hit it off, but Emi and Junior are shy.

Aired: 10/09/22 | Expires: 05/17/24
Alma and her family visit Puerto Rico.
Jordan shows us how to breakdance, her way!
Alma is all done playing "The Two Almas" game, but Emi won't stop playing.
Alma and friends build the "world's longest race" obstacle course!
Emi dresses up like Alma, and they perform tricks and a dance for Howard and Rafia.
Alma and Junior work together to earn toy tickets, and they get a Ring Toss game to share.
Howard finally has a drum to bring to the drum circle - himself.
Alma and André jam out in front of Alma's house as the Bronx Squirrels.
Alma and Junior do chores with Chacho to earn "toy tickets."
Alma asks Mami and Papi to give her chores so that she can earn toy tickets.
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Places are tied to memories. Sonia Manzano and a local family visit their favorite places.
Alma and Uncle Nestor get lost on the subway. / Alma meets her new neighbors.
Alma helps Howard with his fear of pigeons. / Alma has dinner with André and his dad.
Alma lands a starring role in a musical. / Alma and Harper have a playdate.
A dirty Chacho runs away. / Alma learns about Frankie’s old sneakers.
Alma has to choose a best friend. / Alma helps Junior find a lost toy.
Alma and André help Junior write a story. / Alma and Eddie surprise Nestor and Gloria.
Rafia and Alma have trouble ice skating. / Alma helps Junior find his missing tooth.
Alma tries to help Mami fix the mofongo. / Alma takes her sports rivalry with Eddie too fa
Alma speaks up for her design vision./Alma chooses between a baseball game and Bomba show.