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Pick Your Friends/Finola's Farm

Season 1 Episode 20 | 23m 31s

Nick and Sally can't decide how to decorate their valentine for the Cat. The Cat takes them to meet a tortoise who is best friends with a bird. Even best friends can disagree sometimes! / When Nick and Sally run out of milk, the Cat takes them to Finola's Farm. They learn how to milk a cow, then turn the milk into butter, cheese, and best of all--ice cream!

Aired: 02/10/11 | Expires: 03/01/24
Nick and Sally find the right combination of soil and water, to make the flower sing.
Sally and Nick take notes as they experiment!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 demonstrate that mixing colored liquid creates new colors!
La combinación correcta de suelo y agua hará que la flor cante.
Sally discovers that two water toys weigh the same, even though they are different sizes.
¡Sally y Nick toman notas mientras experimentan!
¡Cuando se mezclan líquidos de colores, se crean nuevos colores!
Sally y Nick averiguan cómo mantener una balanza en equilibrio.
Sally descubre que dos juguetes pesan lo mismo, a pesar de que tienen tamaños diferentes.
Sally and Nick figure out how to keep a scale in balance.
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¿Puedes caminar sobre una nube? / ¿Un vaso alto y delgado contiene la mayor cantidad?
Nick y Sally tratan de construir un castillo de arena. / Sally quiere equilibrar un móvil.
Nick and Sally try to build a sandcastle. / Sally wants to make a balanced mobile.
Nick and Sally's toy runs out of battery power. /The kids mix up their Father's Day gifts.
Nick can't remember the secret handshake. / The kids learn about how air is matter.
Sally inventa un secreto saludo de manos. / ¿Por qué un coche se mueve más rápidamente?
Can you walk on a cloud? / Does a tall thin glass hold the most juice?
Nick y Sally aprenden a usar la herramienta adecuada. / ¿Cuánto pueden hacer 3 palos?
Nick and Sally learn about using the right tool for the job. / How much can 3 sticks do?
Nick y Sally necesitan mover un gran tronco. /¿Por qué ya no vuela el avión nuevo de Nick?