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Moon Rock Cove/Rainbow Collection

Season 1 Episode 18 | 24m 40s

Liana and Louisa compete to see who’s the outdoorsiest twin, but sour the family camping trip in the process./The Loops kids are bored on their camping trip until Lyla comes up with a game to get everyone excited about being in nature again.

Aired: 08/04/24
Check out the extended version of Lyla in the Loop's theme song!
Lyla and Luke demonstrate the steps in the design process as they build and expand on a DIY drum set
Louisa and Liana show off “Do the Stu”, a dance with specific steps
Lyla defines and shows symbols in our everyday lives.
Meet Lyla Loops! She dreams big and tries her hardest to solve problems through creativity
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Lyla and Luke use a gum wrapper to distract Kibbles and rescue Everett's coin.
Meet Luke Loops, the youngest of the Loops kids and a bit of an old soul.
Lyla and Luke surprise Liana and Louisa for their birthdays.
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