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Intuitive profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent solves the most puzzling cases with the Paris homicide division in this suspenseful and fast-paced series based on actual criminal cases. Her exceptional sensitivity enables her to read the minds of killers and victims alike. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

Police profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent must work with Det. Rocher, a cranky, hard-nosed cop.
The team tries to solve a murder with no leads; a man from Elisa’s past shows up.
Elisa witnesses strange phenomena in the woods where a young boy went missing.
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Rocher and Elisa race against time to prevent the killer from getting to his next target.
The team tries to solve a murder with no leads; a man from Elisa’s past shows up.
A Christmas nightmare unfolds when a man is sprayed in the face with a dangerous chemical.
A history of robbing and conning catches up to Elisa and Roman on Christmas morning.
When Rocher witnesses a crime, he investigates the case along with a mysterious woman.
Elisa witnesses strange phenomena in the woods where a young boy went missing.
Elisa joins the squad. Can she prove herself? Will her background come to light?
A young woman is found dead with her mouth stapled shut. Did someone want to silence her?
Someone is targeting women, shaving their heads and stuffing them inside animals.
A dead man is found in a room locked from the inside. No one could have entered or left.
The team tries to track down a missing woman when her car is found on the side of a road.
Adele and Rocher wake up in a dark room tied together.
Rocher is implicated in the suicide of a former girlfriend who accused him of harassment.
A grieving mother is looking for her child's killer.
The events of 1992 come rushing back to Rocher while he is in a coma.
A girl is strangled, her eyes gouged out. The only witness is the victim's blind friend.
A concierge is brutally beaten to death and a room full of mannequins is their only lead.
Two bodies are found in a desolate cabin, killed a decade apart.
Argos’ lawyer is dead, and Adele is found over the body – holding a knife.
A mother and child are dead. Why? And where did the child, missing for years, come from?
A doctor who had saved numerous children from a fire is found dead – burnt to a crisp.
On their way to a conference, the group discovers a stabbed pregnant woman.
A renowned engineer is found dead under a bridge. Suicide, or something more sinister?
An entire family is found dead, each missing a hand. A sign of faith or a psychopath?
A hostage situation reveals the dark truth embedded in the heritage of the Chateaux.
A boxing coach is found dead in the ring. Courtene is convinced that Tomasi is pregnant.
Argos' mind games begin to affect the investigation, but Adele knows how to handle him.
A child is kidnapped from a funfair and Adele believes Argos can help find the culprit.
A mistaken identity divides the team, and a special needs school is being targeted.
The past becomes the present. Meanwhile, New York beckons.
A nosey neighbor gets more than she bargained for.
A sanctuary for children is mysteriously turning them into killers.
Masked killings and underlying abuse – fueled by psychotic rage.
A troubled teen uncovers a lost past – with a dark story.
People are being attacked with venomous snakes as an Egyptian mystery unfolds.
A missing girl. A suspected abduction. Nothing is what it seems.
A crime report highlights an abduction case from years ago. The case is reopened.
A high-speed chase leads to the truth about a serial killer.
Chloe wakes up with no memory, but a man she doesn?t know calls her Alice.
A couples therapist with no shortage of enemies is found dead in a shop window.
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