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El Gato Feo

Season 2024 Episode 14 | 15m 07s

“El Gato Feo” -- a Spanish language, western drama short film about two estranged sisters, Luisa and Adelita. In 1915 Mexico, Luisa runs for her life from Pancho Villa's Army. She encounters Adelita, the leader of a small, military unit of women, who must decide if she will hold on to her resentments towards Luisa or help her sister cross the Rio Grande River into Texas.

Aired: 07/14/24 | Expires: 07/14/26
The 2024 festival highlights “Story Time” as we celebrate the art of short form storytelling.
The votes are in! Congrats to our 2023 winners: WINN and Under G-d win the Juried Prize.
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A simple box with an unusual locking mechanism challenges guests who attempt to solve it.
A visual history of the New Balance shoe culture in Washington, DC.
Fronteriza women navigate dual cultures while living in the Chihuahuan Desert.
A new member of a dysfunctional brass band learns all about his unique community.
A comedic self-portrait delving into climate psychology and coping with climate anxiety.
Jackie Clay explores Alabama's rich tapestry of creative works and artistic endeavors.
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