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Rosie’s Switcheroo/Rosie’s Family Tree

Season 1 Episode 32 | 24m 56s

Rosie and Papá switch roles for the day, but it’s a little trickier than they thought./For Valentine’s Day, Rosie tries to make a family tree by putting her family in a real tree.

Aired: 09/26/23
Rosie, Javi and Papá build a butterfly garden for la monarca.
Rosie helps Papá plant and water a tree in their backyard!
Rosie collects all the recyclables in the house but learns she has to sort them too.
Rosie decides to try and invent a cat feeder for Gatita
Rosie learns about monarch butterflies and decides to search for one in her backyard.
Javi and Rosie learn what a cassette and a boombox is!
Rosie learns what recycling is and Papá explains how she can help recycle at home!
While Javi and Rosie look for music for Noche de Baile, they discover Abuela's musical past!
Rosie and Javi come up with a creative way to play Abuela's song for Noche de Baile.
Papá explains to Rosie what an invention and inventor is.
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