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Season 7 Episode 6 | 48m 12s

Summer is almost over, and guests prepare to go home. But when Amanda rejects a Nazi officer’s advances, the whole hotel is under threat.

Aired: 12/31/21
Funding for Seaside Hotel is provided by Viking.
Guests flock to the hotel full of hope, seeking the carefree life they knew before war.
Believing that Sarah is his daughter, Edward begins getting close to her.
Feeling ignored while Edward spends time with Sarah, his wife sees another man.
Amanda hasn't heard from Frida's father in four days and begins to get anxious.
When Sarah's grandparents are robbed, she needs help convincing the police to investigate.
Amanda and Frida arrive at the hotel and begin renovating after four years of war.
Molin returns from Berlin with an offer to Madsen for a new cooperation with the Germans.
Vetterstrom thinks it’s time to show national sentiment.
The regulars are back, and everything is looking promising, until...
While Weyse has got some hope back after shooting the film, Ane helps Morten spy on Madsen
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Weyse goes into a rage. But soon, the best kept secret in the hotel is suddenly revealed.
Madsen is determined to secure a deal. Young actress Kitty Hansen moves in to rehearse.
Madsen meets a wealthy Danish-American and immediately sees an opportunity for profit.
Madsen is expecting a visit from Seerup and his wife. A guest from the past moves in.
The hotel is taken over by strangers who want to change it completely. Can it be saved?
Ellinor’s plans for the hotel take hold, and everyone turns their anger towards Madsen.
Seerup makes a grave mistake. Madsen and Weyse receive an offer from Odegaard Andersen.
Amanda has to give up the hotel if she and Frida are to have a future with Uwe in Germany.
Amanda is pressured by the hotel’s suppliers, and Weyse is confronted by the theatre.
Believing that Sarah is his daughter, Edward begins getting close to her.