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The Great Corn Festival

Season 53 Episode 4 | 25m 25s

Welcome to the Sesame Street Corn Party! As everyone brings a special food made from corn that their family makes, they learn how corn is used in many ways and that by sharing foods that are special to them, they are sharing something special about themselves.

Aired: 11/15/23 | Expires: 02/16/24
Sesame Street is having a Feelings Fair where all the games and food are about feelings!
It's time for Elmo's World! Today, Elmo learns all about musical instruments.
Big Bird and Snuffy work together to start a Conga line on Sesame Street!
Cookie Monster and Gonger learn about the ingredients of Mango Salsa and how to make it!
Elmo and his friends learn how to remember different dance moves.
Let's use 12 different crayons to learn how to count to 12!
Bob explains how vibrations make sounds and how we can make music!
Dance starts with the letter D! How do you like to dance?
Vehicle starts with the letter V! What kinds of different vehicles do you see every day?
The Letter of the Day is V! What words start with the letter V?
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Sesame Street is having a Feelings Fair where all the games and food are about feelings!
Bob helps Abby learn all about musical instruments.
Today is Ji-Young’s Korean fan dance class and she invites all her friends to join.
It’s Dance Your Favorite Dance Day on Sesame Street.
Elmo and Chris are making their own monster truck jump, but they don’t have a ramp.
Elmo and friends are painting pictures in the community garden, but don't have any paper.
Big Bird wants to join the Good Bird’s Club but they want him to change who he is.
Elmo and Tamir need to catch Norbert’s robot dog, Alfred, but he keeps running away.
Rudy's favorite sweater doesn't fit him anymore so Nina suggests having a clothing drive.
Elmo and his friends are learning about jobs they would like to do when they grow up.