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Short Takes is a documentary series featuring topics ranging from dramatic and edgy to cute, quirky, thrilling and more. It aims to provide an entertaining look at the people and places that make Pennsylvania (and beyond) so unique.

We visit the Wilkes Barre City Skatepark at Hollenback
Meet Dale and Tyler Unger, a father/son pair of master luthiers crafting archtop guitars.
We'll take a tour of the thriving craft beer scene in NEPA.
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Wealth and Opulence in small town America...A Glimpse into the Past.
Step into the captivating world of the Cino Paci Band as we commemorate a century of music
The Legend of French Azilum
For many generations, Harvey's Lake was one of the major attractions for the people of the
We visit the Wilkes Barre City Skatepark at Hollenback
The captivating tale of Williamsport's very own radio icon, Gary Chrisman.
From Berwick to Battlefields: Exploring the Legendary Stuart Tank's History
Exploring NEPA's Hidden Gems: Aerial Views of Honesdale, Jim Thorpe & More!
In Catawissa, an eerie spectacle awaits atop a desolate hill–the mysterious hooded graves.
Azalea Martinez-Cases is WVIA's Artist of the Week
Meet Dale and Tyler Unger, a father/son pair of master luthiers crafting archtop guitars.
Journey back in time to the golden age of steam locomotives through photographs.
We'll take a tour of the thriving craft beer scene in NEPA.
In this aerial tour of NEPA's cities, we’re flying above beautiful places in our region
Sculptor David Green shares his views on creativity, poetry and his craft
Hear the story of survivalist Dan Wowak on this episode of Short Takes.
Photographer Leah Frances delights in symmetry, design, and golden sun illuminating diners
In the Black community hair is linked to more than personal style - it’s identity.
Learn the important part that Williamsport played in helping slaves escape.
Driskell is considered the father of African American Art history.
Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre is one of the longest running theatres in the United States
Go behind-the-scenes of the "Real Life Dunder Mifflin," Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Co.
Hear the story of Lackawanna College Head Football Coach & former NFL Player Mark Duda
The Yatesville Bocce Club has been playing this sport since 1979 with family and friends.
Pay a visit to the Union County WWII Honor Roll Memorial in Mifflinburg
Welcome to the longest continuously operating jazz club in the country.
Visit the incredible Railroad Museum of PA located in Strasburg, Lancaster county
Enjoy breathtaking aerial footage in this soaring episode of VIA Short Takes.
Indraloka provides lifelong care for the animals it rescues, rehabilitates and houses.
Tour the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth and see how these legendary guitars are made.
WVIA Radio Station Manager and Host Larry Vojtko reflects on his 40 year career at WVIA
Regional native Thomas Tate shares his recollections of his time at NASA
Joseph Priestley was the English chemist who discovered oxygen
Take a glimpse into the early days of WVIA with founder and first president George Strimel
Pittston native John Alaimo talks about his six decade career in filmmaking.
The story of Joe Nardone, a man who has changed the face of Music in Northeast PA
Marywood University brings together college athletes into the virtual arena of Esports
Get an intimate look at the influential artist and Wilkes-Barre native
Get in the ring of Rocky Boxing Club on this episode of VIA Short Takes
Hop aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad and take a journey to the Secret Valley
Watch Thursday, January 13th at 8pm on WVIA TV
Airs Thursday, April 16th at 8p on VIA TV
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