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God, Science and Well-Being

Season 7 Episode 9 | 26m 05s

Dr. Alexis Abernethy studies spirituality by way of rigorous science. In this episode, she shares her surprising findings with Kelly, palliative care physician BJ Miller and comedian W. Kamau Bell. How do you measure spiritual transcendence? Who is more at peace at the end of life, the atheist or the devout believer? What is the value of organized religion?

Aired: 05/26/24 | Expires: 05/26/27
Dr. Angela Duckworth on knowing what is healthy, but not implementing it in our habits.
W. Kamau Bell on his experience of spirituality and social division around America.
Bret Scher discusses the two changes he’d make for society in regards to food.
Dr. Wendy Suzuki explains the importance and relevance of developing the hippocampus.
Matt Walker speaks on the optimal amount of hours of sleep we should get a night.
Esther Perel discusses the importance of life-long trial and error in relationships.
Dr. Williams speaks on the impact of brain imaging technology on mental health research.
Dr. Collins points out how to distinguish reputable news from misinformation.
Dr. Dima Amso and the complexity that’s often overlooked when discussing upbringing.
Thought-provoking interviews on what it means to be “well,” conducted by Kelly Corrigan.
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Kelly and Dr. Bret Scher, Dr. Michael Lenoir and Cava Menzies discuss modern nutrition.
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Kelly speaks with Dr. Collins, former director of the National Institutes of Health.
Kelly speaks with Dr. Dima Amso about childhood development and the role of nurture.
Kelly discusses the current state of well-being in America with a panel of health experts.
Cultural commentator David Brooks on repairing our social fabric through deep listening.