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Weis Markets

In the wake of the pandemic, food insecurity has soared. More than 70,000 individuals in our own communities here in Northeast Pennsylvania may face hunger every day. Many people facing hunger are forced to make tough choices between buying food and medical bills, food and rent and/or food and transportation. This struggle goes beyond harming an individual family’s future, it can harm us all.

WVIA is joining forces with Weis Markets, the CEO Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank, and YOU to help!

For every dollar donated to WVIA during NEPA Gives on Friday June 3rd, Weis Markets will match it- dollar for dollar- with a donation of food to the food bank- up to $35,000. Your gift will help ensure that everyone has full plates and grateful hearts during this difficult time. You can support our campaign and learn more about our partners by visiting the NEPA Gives Website.

Additional support provided by The Hawk Family Foundation