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Agnes 50: Life After the Flood

WVIA explores what we as a region have learned from the Agnes tragedy

Keystone Edition

Agnes 50: Life After the Flood

Broadcast live from Nesbitt Park on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Wilkes Barre

WVIA Original Documentary Films

Remembering Agnes

Documents the effects of the flooding that devastated the Wyoming Valley in 1972

WVIA Special Presentations

Deal With Disaster

A short film documenting the impact of Hurricane Agnes in 1972

Agnes 50: Life After The Flood

Broadcast Premiere Thursday, June 23rd at 9pm on WVIA TV

On Friday, June 23, 1972, Pennsylvania suffered the wrath of Hurricane Agnes, which at the time was the costliest hurricane to hit the United States and would claim the lives of 128 people in the storm’s path. Now, at the 50th anniversary, WVIA explores what we as a region have learned from the Agnes tragedy. Half a century later, how did this epic event permanently change our communities – economically, physically, and emotionally? What have local communities done over the past decades to address and mitigate potential flooding in the future? Have we done enough?

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Scenes from the Documentary Agnes 50: Life After the Flood

We Love You Wall

The city of Sunbury was two inches away from devastation when Hurricane Agnes hit in 1972.

The Agnes Sequel

Lessons learned from Agnes helped to mitigate catastrophe When Tropical Storm Lee hit

The Isle of Que

The residents of the Isle of Que in Selinsgrove have a resilience like no other

Interviews from Keystone Edition

Keystone Edition

Agnes Memories

The WVIA News team recently visited the West Pittston Library to hear from area residents

Keystone Edition

Tom Clark Interview

Meteorologist Tom Clark explains the weather patterns that led to Agnes 

Community Screenings

Photos from our Lewisburg Screening

Agnes 50 Life After the Flood - Community Screening - Campus Theatre, Lewisburg - 6/18/22
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Memories of Agnes

Share your memories of the disaster by contributing photos to our interactive scrapbook.