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PA State University Integration: One Year Later

It’s been a year since several schools in the PA State System of Higher Education decided to consolidate in a cost-saving effort. Keystone Edition will take a look at what changes are on the horizon as students head back to class in the fall.

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About the Show

Public affairs and public interest come together in the name of constructive journalism. As the host of Keystone Edition, Larry Vojtko will investigate and explore the impact issues like eviction and homelessness, education, and the strain of COVID have had on all of us.

You may know Larry as the WVIA Radio Program Manager and afternoon classical music host, but he’s also interviewed celebrities, public figures, and politicians over the decades. He’ll sit down with leaders, experts, and neighbors to go beyond the headlines and get the real story behind issues that affect your and your community.

About the Host

Larry Vojtko

WVIA Radio Program Manager and afternoon classical music host, Larry Vojtko began his tenure at the station in 1982 as the early morning host/announcer. He is also the producer and host of most of the concert & public affairs broadcasts for the station. During his tenure Larry has interviewed many celebrities and musicians of international renown as well as public figures and politicians. Larry also serves as moderator over the years for numerous congressional debates held at WVIA.

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