Great Restaurants of the Region

You have a favorite restaurant or two... or ten. Help VIA celebrate the great restaurants, specialty markets and other culinary landmarks of our region. Nominate your favorites for our online map!

And join chef Marcus Samuelsson on a journey across the United States, exploring and celebrating the diversity of immigrant traditions in food and culture. No Passport Required airs Monday nights at 9 on VIA TV.

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About the Map

You're probably aware that our region has a wealth of fine dining opportunities. Just how many, though, might surprise you!

In the spirit of Marcus Samuelsson's journey across the country for the best eats in No Passport Required, we'd like to compile the ultimate foodie roadmap to our region for the culinary adventurous among us.

We encourage you to share your favorite spot for others to discover! All we ask is that your selection is located in Northeastern or Central Pennsylvania.

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