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Our Town Kingston

Tradition woven with promise and pride make Kingston a unique community in Luzerne County.

Our Town Kingston

Premiered June 2nd, 2016 on WVIA-TV

Along the quaint tree-lined streets of Kingston, there’s a sense of history at each corner…Pennsylvania’s first public school was established in the Luzerne County borough in the late 1700’s. In 1844, Wyoming Seminary was founded as a college-prep school continuing to nurture local and international students. State-of-the-art technology links the philanthropy of the past at The Hoyt Public Library. Experience cultural events at the Kirby Center for Creative Arts; or stroll the Levee Trail near the Susquehanna and follow the course of the river. Tradition is woven with promise and pride making Kingston a unique community in Luzerne County and “a great place to call home.”

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