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Film Festival Spotlight


Monday, March 20th, 7pm on WVIA TV
The region is home to several film festivals that showcase filmmakers and their films and documentaries. Attendees often see movies that aren't available to the general public and participate in discussions with the filmmakers. Keystone Edition: Arts asks the organizers of regional film festivals how they choose films and what we can learn about the art of filmmaking.


Film Festival Spotlight



Ronnie Harvey

Ronnie Harvey is the General Manager, Film Booker and Social Media Coordinator for the Wyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater. He handles the day and day operations of the Dietrich Theater including scheduling films, employees and general needs of the theater.

Ronnie graduated from LCCC with an Associate's Degree in Broadcast Journalism and graduated from King's College with a Bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism. He started working at the Dietrich Theater at the age of 18 as a concession worker and worked his way up to General Manager. The most rewarding part of his job is planning and coordinating the seasonal film festivals which have become events for not only the Dietrich but for the town at large. He represented the Dietrich Theater at the 2019 Art House Convergence in Salt Lake City, Utah as a "Rising Young Professional." He sits on the Board of not only the Dietrich Theater but is the Secretary for the Tunkhannock Business and Professional Association (TBPA) and involves himself in many philanthropic and community events in the surrounding areas.


Zack Wilcox

Zack Wilcox is an Upstate New York born and raised filmmaker who brings the sensibilities of small town life into his filmmaking. After an extensive career as a crew member on countless indie features, commercials, television, and music videos, he has honed his skills in the technical aspects of streamlined indie filmmaking. His first feature film as writer/director/producer was Hunting Lands. It is a slow burn suspense/drama that uses very little in the way of dialogue and lets the imagery of the snowy north tell the tale. A career in filmmaking as a director, cinematographer, gaffer, key grip, location sound mixer, and producer has made for an interesting background for his expertise. A love of the process and the storytelling of motion pictures is a strong driving factor in his career as a filmmaker.


Dan Kimbrough

Dan Kimbrough is an educator and content creator who has worked in diversity education and DEI for the better part of 25 years. He has a strong passion for not only understanding cultural differences but also working to help people use these differences to grow together.

Dan runs Park Multimedia, a content creation, and media services company, that helps to tell their stories authentically. When not behind the camera, Dan serves on many boards in NEPA working on giving a voice to the voiceless and making sure all of NEPA has a seat and voice at the table.

Dan also produces a podcast, Systemic, which explores issues and topics around Systemic Racism in America.

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