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AI and the Future of Work

AI and the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence used to be science fiction; now, its reality.How can businesses leverage this new technology responsibly without costing jobs? What's AI's role in education? What jobs will be affected, and how can workers prepare?


Alex Fleck

Alex Fleck is the founder & CEO of Zenith Online Marketing, Valor Vault LLC, The Keeper Box LLC, and Subscription Secrets. He's also a Certified Subbly Expert.

Thiago Serra, PhD

Dr. Serra is an assistant professor of analytics at Bucknell University. His work involves theory, methods, and applications of machine learning and mathematical optimization.

Lindsay Fairman

Lindsay has served in roles at large companies, emerging startups, and early-stage investment funds. She currently works as the CTO of TEAMology, a K-12 EdTech company focused on supporting student social, emotional, and mental health. She also supports BlueTree Venture Fund as an Associate working on fund investments. She began her startup adventures as the founder of a retail technology company and has since worked with numerous startups in leadership, advisor, and investor roles. Her skill sets encompass SaaS and software-enabled technology, business operations, financial management, product development, and cybersecurity. Lindsay earned her BS in Computer Science from West Virginia University, MS in Systems Engineering from George Mason University and MBA at Penn State University.