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Weis HealthyBites Tip of the Week

Each week the expert Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists from Weis Markets bring you the HealthyBites Tip of the Week! They’ll give you helpful ideas related to:

  • Shopping for healthy food choices
  • How to select and use seasonal produce
  • Family-friendly recipes and meal solutions
  • Basic cooking techniques
  • and so much more!

The Weis HealthyBites Tip of the Week airs every Friday at 4 PM on WVIA Radio or listen to new and archived tips right here. To reach the Weis Dietitians directly with your food, nutrition or health questions, email them at

Health & Wellness Resources

Visit for new and archived editions of HealthyBites Magazine, recipes, health and wellness articles from the Weis Dietitians, podcast episodes and more!

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

A unique tool allows the team of Weis Markets Registered Dietitians to provide nutrition counseling via video chat to help you manage any new or existing health conditions

Weis HealthyBites Podcast

Hear real-life nutrition tricks and lifestyle tips from the Weis Dietitians that will inspire you to make healthful choices in the aisles of the supermarket and in life. New episodes every other Tuesday via Apple Podcasts or Google Play.