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29 Shows to Watch This December on WVIA TV

The Electric Grid - Preview

Keystone Edition Reports - The Electric Grid

Monday, December 4th 7pm
With technology growing by leaps and bounds, and with power use coinciding with that growth, the importance of the electric grid cannot be understated. So, what is the electric grid, how does it work, and what obstacles might we see for the grid in the coming decades as new technologies, like more electric cars, come into the conversation?

Family Affairs - Preview

Keystone Edition Business - Family Affairs

Monday, December 11th 7pm 
Many long-standing businesses have been in families for generations. How have they been able to weather world phenomena like pandemics, wars, and economic instability and still come out on top?

Homelessness in NEPA - Preview

Keystone Edition Health - Homelessness in NEPA

Monday, December 18th 7pm
Homelessness can happen to anyone at any age or socio-economic status.The rise in homelessness stems from different factors including unemployment, inflation, rising cost of food and transportation and mental health challenges. What impact does homelessness have on one's physical and mental health? What resources are available and how can someone on the brink of homelessness get help.

Getting Creative with the Past: Dinosaurs as Art - Preview

Keystone Edition Arts - Getting Creative with the Past: Dinosaurs as Art

Monday, December 25th 7pm 
Archeology and dinosaurs can be more than just science - they can be the source of inspiration for artists. Keystone Edition: Arts explores what we can learn by digging into the past with a creative mindset.


Monday, December 4th 8pm & 9:30pm
Tuesday, December 5th 1pm & 2:30pm
Join us as we explore what makes this food so quintessential by exploring the stories of small mom-and-pop pizza parlors, the communities that they serve, and the history of pizza in our region.

Midsomer Murders - Breaking the Chain

Part 1, Sunday, December 10th 7pm
Part 2, Sunday, December 17th 7pm

An international cycling competition comes to the Midsomer village of Burwood Mantle. When the race leader is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson find themselves drawn into a ruthlessly competitive world of blackmail, bribery and bloodshed where winning comes at any cost. Guest stars Hari Dhillon (This Is Us) and Edward Akrout (Mr. Selfridge).

Midsomer Murders - A Dying Art

Part 1, Sunday, December 31st 7pm
Part 2, Sunday, January 7th 7pm

Art comes to the picturesque Midsomer village of Angel's Rise with the opening of a new Sculpture Park. But when its launch is marred by murder, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson have to get creative to crack a case where art imitates death, and everything has a deeper meaning. Guest Star Denis Lill (Rumpole of the Bailey).

Barbra Streisand: Back to Brooklyn

Friday, December 1st 9pm
For two magical nights in October 2012, hometown legend Barbra Streisand made a triumphant return to her roots and the borough where it all started. These shows marked the Academy Award-winning actress, singer, director and philanthropist’s first public performances in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Back To Brooklyn includes nine songs that Barbra had never performed on stage, and features special guests trumpeter Chris Botti, Italian singing group Il Volo, and Streisand’s son, actor-director Jason Gould.

Lawrence Welk Christmas Special - Great Moments and Memories

Saturday, December 2nd 9pm
Nine stars of the Lawrence Welk Musical Family are reunited to host "The Lawrence Welk Holiday Special: Great Moments and Memories" featuring great moments and memories spanning 30 years of Christmas holiday shows. The cast includes the Lawrence Welk Champagne lady, Norma Zimmer, Myron Floren, Jo Ann Castle, Mary Lou Metzger, Bobby Burgess, Ron Anderson, Sandi Griffiths, Ken Delo, and Gail Farrell. All the traditional and favorite Christmas songs, plus performances by the children of the Welk Musical Family are included on this two and a half hour pledge event originally released as a SIP show in 1994.

Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen

Sundays at 8pm, December 3rd - December 17th
Lucy Worsley explores the enigma of Agatha Christie. Over three episodes, she applies her historian's powers of investigation to the Queen of Crime. And she uncovers a complex woman whose life - and work - reflects the upheavals of the 20th century.

Agatha and the Midnight Murders

Sunday, December 3rd 9:30pm
Discover the writer's plan to sell a manuscript that kills off her famous detective-Hercule Poirot. Struggling with money and under investigation by tax authorities in America and the UK, Agatha (Helen Baxendale) must come up with an enormous sum.

Ann Wilson & Tripsitter: Live in Concert

Tuesday, December 5th 8pm
Known the world over as founder and lead singer-songwriter of the barrier-breaking band Heart, Ann Wilson headlines a new concert special with her band Tripsitter featuring songs from her new album Another Door. Special guest Annie Bosko joins Wilson.

Arrival from Sweden: The Music of Abba

Tuesday, December 5th 9:30pm
ARRIVAL from Sweden has become one of the world’s most popular and best-selling ABBAtribute bands. Since their start in 1995, the band has toured in over 70 countries, completed82 successful US tours, sold out arenas of up to 50,000 people, and appeared on TV andradio shows all over the world. The ABBA fan club consider ARRIVAL from Sweden “theclosest you will ever get to ABBA.”

Highwaymen Live at Nassau Coliseum

Wednesday, December 6th 8pm
The Highwaymen — Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson —were American country music’s first bonafide “supergroup.” Each of the quartet’smembers had achieved considerable musical and cultural success before the formation ofThe Highwaymen in 1985. With the combined record sales of the ensemble’s iconicmembers totaling more than 170 million records, The Highwaymen have been called “theMt. Rushmore of Country music.” Recorded at the famous arena in Hempstead, LongIsland, in 1990, the concert includes such classic songs as “The Highwayman,” “Big River,”“Me and Bobby McGee,” “Always On My Mind," “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up toBe Cowboys,” “Ring of Fire” and “Luckenbach Texas.”

Ken Burns: The National Parks

Wednesday, December 6th 9:30pm
Explore the beauty and grandeur of our nation's magnificent parks, from Acadia to Yosemite, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon. Filmmakers Burns and Dayton Duncan vividly reveal fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the series.

Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary Concert

Thursday, December 7th 8pm
To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Celtic Woman returns to where the magic started —The Helix in Dublin! Although the lineup of artists has evolved since the group's inception,the signature sound of Celtic Woman remains consistent, showcasing the individual andcollaborative talents of the performers. But no anniversary celebration would be completewithout special performances by founding members Chloë Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Méav NíMhaolchatha and Máiréad Nesbitt.

POV - How to Have an American Baby

Monday, December 11th 10pm
Voyage into the shadow economy that caters to Chinese tourists who travel to the US to give birth in order to obtain citizenship for their babies. Told through a series of intimately observed vignettes, the story of a hidden global economy emerges-depicting the fortunes and tragedies that befall the ordinary people caught in its web.

Seasons of Light: Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir

Tuesday, December 12th 8pm
The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square join with award winning artists Lea Salonga and Sir David Suchet for Season of Light: Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir, a festive and uplifting Christmas special. This concert will illuminate your holiday experience with timeless carols, treasured songs, and a story of heroic service.

Mind Over Matter Presents - Aging Matters: Loneliness & Isolation

Thursday, December 14th 7pm
Decades of research have shown that social isolation and loneliness can be as dangerous to your health as smoking or obesity. Hosted by Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Kathy Mattea, AGING MATTERS: LONELINESS & ISOLATION explores how forming and keeping social connections can be difficult as we grow older, and clarifies the difference between being physically isolated and feeling lonely. The 30-minute documentary features the stories of older adults who have experienced feeling detached from the wider community due to factors like the loss of a spouse, the stresses of caregiving, illness or loss of mobility. The program also examines general characteristics linked to social isolation and the health risks associated with loneliness.

Fab Four: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute

Thursday, December 14th 8pm
With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of the Beatles' classics, the Fab Four will make you think you are back in time rockin' with John, Paul, George and Ringo! With The Fab Four on stage, you'll hear record-perfect live performances of such classics as "Can't Buy Me Love," "Yesterday," "A Day In The Life," "Penny Lane," "Here Comes The Sun," "Hey Jude" and many more!

Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance: The Impossible Tour

Thursday, December 14th 9:30pm
A global pandemic, a world in lockdown, and the biggest-selling dance show of all time determined to bring joy to the people. In MICHAEL FLATLEY'S LORD OF THE DANCE: THE IMPOSSIBLE TOUR, the legendary dance show returns with a new generation, led onstage by Michael Flatley's handpicked successor: Lord of the Dance Matt Smith, one of only four people in the world capable of performing Michael's legendary "Feet of Flames" solo.

Lookingglass Alice

Friday, December 15th 9pm
An exhilarating live theatrical adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, created and performed by Chicago's Tony-Award winning Lookingglass Theatre Company. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's beloved stories and infused with physical risk world-class circus arts, this Alice transports audiences down the rabbit hole with new twists on the beloved characters and story, creating a wildly entertaining adventure for all ages.

25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Monday, December 18th 8pm
Beloved chef Lidia Bastianich celebrates 25 years on public television in this documentary special. Join Lidia's family and celebrity friends for an intimate look at the memorable moments of her life, both on and off the screen.

America at a Crossroads with Judy Woodruff

Tuesday, December 19th 9pm
At a time of heightened partisanship, declining trust in institutions,increased political violence, and rapid social change, Judy Woodruff set out this year on a two-year reporting project, America at a Crossroads, to explore the forces driving Americans apart, and to ask people from all walks of life and all political persuasions what might be done to reverse these worrying trends. She crisscrossed the country, listening to researchers and writers, school board members and parents, activists, local leaders, even the President of the United States, discuss how they view challenges before us and what can be done to surmount them. She centered these stories on lived experience, historical context, and compassion, reporting on the phenomenon of negative partisanship - intense dislike from one party for the other; growing distrust of the judiciary, and the privileging of partisan politics over the rule of law; how school boards became the center of fights over social issues; ongoing concerns about domestic extremism and rising political violence; the difficulties of racial healing, and the progress that's been made; and how the disappearance of local news has contributed to the unraveling of civic connection. Now, to round out the first year of Crossroads, in an hour-long special we'll revisit some of our most compelling stories with a combination of writers, policymakers, big thinkers and regular people to explain what we've learned about America's divisions, what we're still grasping to better understand, and what might be done to move forward.

"Netanyahu at War" - Preview

Frontline - Netanyahu, America & The Road to War in Gaza

Tuesday, December 19th 10pm
The long struggle between the Israeli leader and multiple U.S. presidents over Middle East peace. The inside story of Benjamin Netanyahu's turbulent relationships with the U.S. and the Palestinians, and the road to war in Gaza.

Call the Midwife Holiday Special 2023

Monday, December 25th 8pm & 9:30pm
The midwives of London's Nonnatus House deliver more babies and drama during the festive period, in this Christmas special.

Karamu: Feast for the 7th Day

Tuesday, December 26th 7pm
Hosted by lifestyle expert Sira Williams, KARAMU: FEAST FOR THE 7TH DAY explores the tradition of Kwanzaa, focusing on the final feast that concludes the annual celebration. The half-hour program explores the history, principles, and symbols of Kwanzaa while celebrating the culinary traditions of West Africa. Featuring dishes from Mali, Ghana,and Nigeria, KARAMU: FEAST FOR THE 7TH DAY focuses on food and culture, and their integral relationship to building community. Sira also shares her personal story as a child born in Mali, West Africa, to her American mother and Malian father, giving viewers insight into her experience growing up and the importance of African roots in American culture.

Eddy's World

Tuesday, December 26th 7:30pm
The entertaining story of toy inventor Eddy Goldfarb, best known for the iconic Yakity-Yak Teeth and 800 classic toys. At 102-years-old, Eddy still prototypes new toys in his garage machine shop and creates projects on his 3D printer.

Next at the Kennedy Center - A New Year’s Eve Celebration

Sunday, December 31st 8pm & 9pm
Ring in the New Year with a star-studded musical celebration on stage at the Kennedy Center.