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Pennsylvania Polka 

Saturdays at 8pm on WVIA-TV

Polka is one of Pennsylvania's favorite past times. Your public television studios shows only the best in fun and entertainment with Pennsylvania Polka.

WVIA travels around northeastern Pennsylvania searching every fair ground and every beautiful Pennsylvania Mountain for the best of polka music and dancing. We also feature the best in live polka bands. In keeping with our commitment to northeastern Pennsylvania we choose to preserve the best in regional music that viewer's can't get anywhere else. This commitment is music for all of our viewer's ears. Northeastern Pennsylvanians continue to be interested in something a little more fun with a little more excitement.

Winter 2017 Schedule (All Dates Saturday at 8pm)

  • Jan 7 - Joe Grkman
  • Jan 14 - City Side Band
  • Jan 21 - Jersy Polka Richie
  • Jan 28 - Joe Weber
  • Feb 4 - Judes Polka Jets II (New episode)
  • Feb 11 - Shoreliners
  • Feb 18 - Polkadelphia
  • Feb 25 - Mon Valley Push

The next PA Polka Recording will be on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at WVIA Public Media Studios.

You can be a part of Pennsylvania Polka recordings at the WVIA Public Media Studios on Saturday, April 1, 2017 and Saturday, May 13, 2017. To reserve a space, or if you have any questions please contact Ginny Fredmonski at (570) 602-1134 or


Pennsylvania Polka Air Schedule
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Pennsylvania Polka

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