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An Original Short-Form Documentary Series coming this July

In Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania little is more of a hot-button topic than pizza; our DNA oozes with the stuff and traditions built around it. Round, square, sweet sauce, fried dough. There are nearly as many different types of pizzas as shops that bake them.

Over the course of 10 digital short documentaries, we’ll explore what makes this food so quintessential by exploring the stories of small mom-and-pop pizza parlors, the communities that they serve, and the history of pizza in our region.

Whether it’s the square tray made famous by weary Old Forge coal miners dusting off a night of grueling work, the time-honored tradition of “Pizza Fridays” after an early spring little league game, or the Lenten pilgrimage to the choice pizza parlor of practicing Catholics - a swelling demographic of our area - this series is a celebration of the food we love and of the place we call home.

What is YOUR favorite Pizza Parlor?

Nobody knows pizza better than our viewers and listeners. That's why we want to hear from YOU! Tell us what your favorite pizza parlor in the region is, and why it means so much to you. You'll be entered to win one of many great prizes, including the grand prize - an Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven! Enter anytime between now and July for a chance to win the grand prize.

In addition, we're having monthly giveaways. For the first month, you could win a custom designed Pizza! apron - perfect for when you're baking your own pizzas at home.