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Mind Over Matter
The Mind Over Matter Podcast
New Episodes Every Thursday

Produced by Jim Donnelly

Those suffering from mental health issues often become victims of discrimination and social isolation due to the stigma attached to these disorders. This stigma is a significant public health issue and can inhibit those with mental illness to seek proper treatment and recovery.

In order to combat the stigma and increase awareness, prevention, treatment and management of a range of mental Illnesses, WVIA and Geisinger are presenting a new mental health initiative called Mind Over Matter. Like WVIA’s successful Battling Opioids series, this public health initiative aims to improve the mental and physical health of our community through a multi-platform approach that will include TV, radio and digital content.

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Latest Episodes
  • On this episode of the Mind Over Matter podcast, we'll hear from. Kylie Oleski, PsyD. Dr. Oleski is the director of adult integrated services in the Psychiatry Department at Geisinger. She treats adults for a variety of behavioral health conditions, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and trauma. We'll also hear from Jim Mclain. Jim is 2nd Vice Commander- American Legion Post 274 and served in the US navy from Jan 2006-Sept2010 as a Hull Maintenance Technician.
  • Geisinger's Operations Manager for Virtual Care Ben Gonzales opens up about his road to long-term recovery, what led him to seek help, the support he received from loved ones, and how it can serve as a model for others who need help
  • Living with psychosis for more than 20 years, Monica Mongiello turns to her mother and others within her support network for strength and perseverance. This is her story of living with her illness and becoming an advocate for others going through similar struggles.