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Thursdays at 8pm on WVIA TV

For more than 50 years, WVIA has served the people of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania by identifying and addressing the region's most pressing needs through constructive journalism. WVIA connects viewers and listeners with resources to affect change in their neighborhoods.

With this idea in mind, WVIA is proud to present Keystone Edition, our new flagship public affairs multi-platform series.

Keystone Edition facilitates a conversation among viewers, change agents, and visionaries who impact their communities while providing an accurate portrayal of socially relevant topics from multiple perspectives.

This weekly, half-hour, multi-platform series goes beyond the headlines to offer thoughtful insights through a fresh journalistic perspective with the thorough attention to detail and authenticity viewers expect from public television.

Each week, our hosts will inspire audiences to engage in conversations that highlight critical stories in our region. WVIA's Larry Vojtko and Erika Funke, as well as Kris Jones (Entrepreneur/Author) and Tonyehn Verkitus (Executive Director of the Lackawanna and Luzerne County Medical Societies) serve as moderators.

Guided by research from The Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development and ideas from a volunteer editorial advisory panel, including veteran journalists throughout the region, Keystone Edition explores important topics in economic development, community affairs, education, workforce development, business, public health, organized labor, climate change, arts and culture, all with a goal of improving the quality of life in our region.

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