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All That Jazz

with George Graham

Weeknights 7pm-8pm on WVIA-FM

All That Jazz presents an hour of straight- ahead acoustic jazz with the emphasis on today's finest performers. Regular features include the Tuesday night Venerable Jazz segment, the Thursday new releases edition, and requests on Friday.


Celebration of the Arts Jazz Festival Broadcast

WVIA presents its annual comprehensive coverage of the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts in 11 programs starting November 26. WVIA-FM has been broadcasting music from the region's premiere jazz festival annually since 1997, and this marked the 41st annual jazz and arts festival, which took place on a rainy weekend in the Poconos on September 8 and 9, 2018. Once again, the festival featured jazz performances from three venues, and WVIA will be presenting 11 hours of music from all three. In keeping with the festival's tradition, each set features personnel connected to the Poconos Northeast, including world class artists and youthful up-and-coming artists from the COTA Cats and CampJazz.

Produced and presented by George Graham, the broadcasts will be heard as part of WVIA's daily All That Jazz program, Monday through Friday from 7 to 8 PM. In addition to the music, there will also be some artist interviews.

The schedule (each program begins at 7 PM):
Monday, Nov. 26: The Pocono Jazz Quintet / Nancy & Spencer Reed with special guests (both from the main stage)
Tuesday, Nov. 27: The Adam Niewood Trio (main stage) / Rich Jenkins (Deer Head Inn stage) / Mitchell Cheng Trio (Castle Inn stage)
Wednesday, Nov. 28: The Jay Leonhart Trio (main stage) / Quartet: Locke, Goodwin, Ridl & Marino (Deer Head  Inn stage)
Thursday Nov. 29: The Water Gap Orchestra big band (main stage) / Nicholas Krolak Trio  (Castle Inn Stage)
Friday, Nov. 30: Johnny DeFrancesco group (main stage)  / Jay Rattman & Glenn Zaleski (Deer Head Inn stage)

Monday, Dec. 3: Co-Op Bop (main stage) / the COTA Cats student band with professional guests (Castle Inn stage)
Tuesday, Dec. 4: Esteban Castro Trio (main stage under the tent) / Bill Goodwin Trio with vocalist Roseanna Vitro (Deer Head Inn stage)
Wednesday, Dec. 5: Dave Liebman's Expansions / New Kind of Talk (both from the main stage under the rain tent)
Thursday, Dec. 6: Jim Ridl Quartet featuring Terrell Stafford (main stage under the tent) / Mode for Joe duo (Washer & Ballantyne) (Deer Head Inn stage)
Friday Dec. 7: The Bill Mays Trio (Deer Head Inn Stage) / Vinnie Bianchi & La Cuchina (main stage under the tent)

Monday , Dec. 10: Leftovers (tracks that had to be cut for time from previous segments) / Camp Jazz and emerging performers from the Castle Inn Stage

George Graham award presentation - 8/5/17

All That Jazz

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Meet the Team

George Graham

George Graham

One of the first staff members at WVIA. Produces and hosts Mixed Bag, All That Jazz and Homegrown Music on WVIA Radio, and the Homegrown Music Concerts on WVIA-TV.

Graham was the first employee of WVIA Radio, and has been on the WVIA staff since 1972. A native and resident of Carbondale, PA, he is a magna cum laude graduate of Duke University, where he majored in electrical engineering. He joined the WVIA staff in connection with the studio design and construction of WVIA-FM, but with his four years of on-air experience at the Duke University radio station, he immediately moved into on-air work. He sought to bring the kind of eclectic contemporary music radio programming that marked student radio at Duke (where he was program director) in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He introduced Mixed Bag, which has become purportedly the longest continuously-running program of what is now called "album adult alternative" music in the country. Graham introduced Homegrown Music, a program to spotlight talented regional artists in performances from the station's studio. The series has been running continuously as a weekly series since 1976, and includes weekly recording session broadcasts, and monthly live concerts performed before a studio audience.

 He also hosts WVIA's All That Jazz, and presents extensive annual radio coverage of the region's jazz festivals from Delaware Water Gap and Scranton. Graham has written for regional publications, and also works as a free-lance recording engineer, producer and mastering engineer.



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