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California Outlawed ‘Stealthing.’ Will The Rest Of The Nation Follow Its Lead?

1A listener Natalie reached out to us to talk about being a survivor of 'stealthing.'
1A listener Natalie reached out to us to talk about being a survivor of 'stealthing.'

Last month, California became the first state to outlaw “stealthing” — the slang term for removing a condom during sex without consent.

Advocates say the ban could catalyze a legislative sea change and help people understand that stealthing is a form of sexual violence.

From The New York Times:

Stealthing tends to go widely unreported because there were few ways to address it legally, but it is still a widespread issue, according to advocates and research.

10 percent of men admitted to removing their condom during intercourse without their partner’s consent.

But [attorney Alexandra] Brodsky, who wrote the 2017 Yale study and is the author of “Sexual Justice,” a book that addresses various forms of institutional response to sexual harassment and assault, said last month that civil suit remedies were “really underutilized” in such cases.

We talk with Brodsky, the assemblymember behind the bill, and a survivor about the road ahead.

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Kathryn Fink
Kathryn Fink is a producer with NPR's All Things Considered.