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Learning at Home continues throughout September! Join us from 7am-12pm, Monday through Friday, for PBS KIDS programs like Wild Kratts, Molly of Denali, and Donkey Hodie for children from Pre-K through 3rd grade. The weekly activity guides connect the programs to Pennsylvania education standards and include lessons for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the Arts, and more!

Every week, you can count on WVIA to provide instructional programming for your learner. These schedules are organized by appropriate grades and color-coded by subject matter. Click the links underneath each program to access free supplemental material to extend the learning.

Schedule (Please click on the schedule to download the full PDF)


Pre-K – 2nd Grade

Learn at Home - Rhyming

An educational lesson presented by Joanna Race - CSIU- Southern Columbia Pre-K Counts

3rd Grade – 4th Grade

Learn at Home - Career Awareness

An educational lesson presented by Amanda Helman, Colonial IU

5th Grade – 6th Grade

Learn at Home - Foreign Language

Noelia Huertas - Loyalsock Township School District

7th Grade – 9th Grade

Learn at Home - Spatial Skills and STEM success

An educational lesson presented by Colleen Ruths - Shikellamy HS

10th Grade - 12th Grade

Learn at Home - DIY Clay

An educational lesson presented by Tara Holdren, Hughesville HS

PBS Kids Resources

Curriculum, Activities and Games for all of your favorite PBS Kids Shows.

Google Classroom Teacher Center

Video tutorials that will help teachers understand all that Google Classroom has to offer. PBS Learning Media also exclusively uses Google Classroom.

PBS Learning Media Interactive Lessons

PBS Learning Media has a myriad of Interactive Lessons that use Google Classroom. Teachers can search by grade level and by subject.

PBS Learning Media Teacher Tools

Creating a FREE PBS Learning Media account allows teachers the access to: a Lesson Builder, Puzzle Maker, Quiz Builder, and a Storyboard Builder.

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Learning at Home is a collaboration of the seven PBS stations in the commonwealth, collectively known as Pennsylvania PBS. Visit to learn more about the statewide project in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.