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Canned Food


Hi, I'm Weis Dietitian Melissa Logan with the Weis Healthy Bites tip of the week.

Some fresh produce items are only available at certain times of the year. The process of canning food preserves nutrients and allows for year-round accessibility.

Some canned items have a high sodium content, which can increase our blood pressure. Choose items that are, “reduced sodium” or “no salt added”.
Canned beans and vegetables are quick add-ins to meals, while also providing protein and fiber that will help keep you feeling full.
Look for canned fruits in 100% fruit juice while avoiding those in heavy syrup, which is loaded with added sugar.
A canned food can be swapped in place of its fresh or frozen counterpart.

For more tips and wellness news you can use, visit WVIA.org and click on Weis Healthy Bites™.