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Ripe Now: Artichokes

 Hi, I’m Weis Dietitian Lyndi Mies with the Weis HealthyBites tip of the week.

Artichokes often get added to spinach dip, but these nutritious buds can elevate many dishes! Bursting with antioxidants, fiber and nutrients, artichokes are the ultimate healthy indulgence. Our fresh takes will inspire you to cook beyond the dip and discover delicious new ways to enjoy artichokes all season long.

  • Mix sliced artichokes into your favorite pasta or salad for a pop of savory flavor.
  • Blend artichoke hearts with cheese and herbs for a creamy, crowd-pleasing spin on traditional dips.
  • Sauté artichokes in olive oil and garlic and add them to homemade pizza or blend them into pesto to use as a spread.
  • Check out the recipes in the March/April HealthyBites magazine that feature this food, including Greek Veggie Skewers with Feta Vinaigrette and a Hummus Board.

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