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The Power of Intuitive Eating

Hi, I’m Weis Dietitian Emily Bumgarner with the Weis HealthyBites tip of the week.

Tired of restrictive diets and confusing nutrition rules? It may be time to get back to basics with intuitive eating.

This eating philosophy centers of trusting your body’s natural hunger cues rather than following strict diet culture rules.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:
1. Honor hunger by eating when hungry and stopping when full
2. Increase awareness of your body’s signals
3. Make peace with food and give yourself permission to eat the foods you want
4. Respect your fullness by pausing to see if you are truly still hungry
5. Foster self-care

If you need more help implementing intuitive eating, reach out to the Weis Dietitians by emailing weisdietitians@weismarkets.com

For more tips and wellness news you can use, visit WVIA.org and click on Weis Healthy Bites.