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Quilts keep us more than just warm on cool nights; they convey stories of family and cultural heritage. Keystone Edition: Arts will talk with fabric artists about new, modern designs, traditional folk-art styles, and what inspires them.

Janet Gaglione

Vibrant colors, striking geometric shapes and soft warm fabrics combine in these original art quilts. Janet Gaglione’s background is in the theatre. She studied costume and lighting design then worked as Stage Manager and Lighting Supervisor for The Joffrey Ballet Company. Traveling with this and other theatre companies gave her the opportunity to hone her photography skills – chasing sunsets and vintage carousels in cities around the world. Janet continues to work with costumes for National Broadway Tours, movie projects and the local dance studio. Her eye for light and color has translated to her quilt creations.

Janet creates a variety of quilts, some are traditional and some original in design, constructed of up to 2000 pieces and as many as 100 different hand-picked fabrics. In addition to quilts and quilted wall art, she has brought her fabrics and skills to outdoor art projects in Frederick MD, The Wayne County Arts Alliance and other locations: including a quilted deer, birdhouse, bears, 6’tall fiberglass key and a 5’ pink ribbon that is now on display at Frederick Memorial Hospital. A photograph of her quilts was chosen for the 2021 edition of The Great Wall of Honesdale. She creates art that presents quilts in unexpected places. Some people think quilts are only “something that grandma used to make”. Janet enjoys creating art that challenges that notion.

James Lansing

James Lansing has been in the museum profession for over 15 years. His career has seen stops as Gallery Director of Keystone’ College’s Linder Gallery; Curator of Nantucket, Massachusetts’ Egan Maritime Institute consisting of two museums-one History, one art; Curator of the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island, New York; and visiting curator assisting on the Biennial of Art at the Tucson, Arizona Museum of Art.

He holds an initial degree in Literature and Writing from East Stroudsburg University; a Masters in Arts Education from the University of Arizona; and a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies from Seton Hall University. After completing his curatorial internship at the Everhart Museum in 2005-2006, he returned as its curator in July 2023..

Prior to his college days, James spent a tour in The United State Coast Guard as a Marine Science Technician, where he was a shipboard meteorologist, endangered species officer, and environmental protection officer focused on ocean and river pollution. He and his wife Dawn Marino, a writer, reiki practitioner, and energy healer, look forward to spending a long time in Scranton.

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