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A Touching Tribute To A Mentor & Friend

For over 50 years, Bill Byham was recognized as the radio voice of the Little League world series, calling the action on WRAK radio. Through his years of broadcasting, he mentored several up-and-comers to continue the tradition, including a young Tom Speicher. The pair became fast friends on and off the field, and Byham shared with Speicher a passion project of his, an unpublished young-adult novel called “Bucky Deacon’s Dilemma.”

For a number of reasons, “Bucky Deacon’s Dilemma” remained unpublished even after the author’s passing in 2017. Speicher saw an opportunity to honor the legacy of his late friend by updating and publishing the novel. Keystone Edition's Erika Funke recently spoke with Speicher about the project.

Morning host of Classical Music, Art Scene, Early Birds, and other WVIA programs, Erika Funke is a Senior Producer and Classical Music Host at WVIA Radio.