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VIA Short Takes Marathon Watch Party / Meet the Filmmakers!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021, 7pm

WVIA is about to launch a brand new season of VIA Short Takes, and we're going to kick it all off with a marathon of every episode to date. But that's not all – the filmmakers behind the episodes will be joining us, sharing stories, memories and more, and also answering your questions about the films themselves! It's all happening on WVIA's Facebook Page Wednesday, January 13th at 7pm. Don't miss it!

VIA producers participating will include John Mikulak, Jim Donnelly, Kris Hendrickson and Neil Prisco. They will be discussing the following Short Takes episodes: Ron Solt: Trials & Tribulations of the NFL; American Icon: Mack Trucks Historical Museum; Jane Alexander: Saving Our Wildlife; Hope & Coffee; The Man Who Became Uncle Ted; Return of the Tunis Sheep; George Graham: Engineer & Pioneer; DJ Choices; Take to the Sky; Bill's Bike Museum; Glynn Lunney; Capitol Records; Path of Our Grandfathers; Salty Sands; Roller Derby.

New Episodes Every Wednesday on (New Season Starts January 20th)

Short Takes is a new documentary web series produced by Via Studios Global. Featuring topics ranging from dramatic and edgy to cute, quirky, thrilling and more, VSG’s “Short Takes” aims to provide an entertaining look at the people and places that make Pennsylvania (and beyond) so unique. This bi-weekly web series is created by VSG’s award-winning team of producer/directors, offering fresh insights and engaging content in a cinematic indie-documentary style.