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29 Shows to Watch this February on WVIA TV


Keystone Edition Reports - Where Are the Teachers?

Monday, February 6th 7pm
For many of us, our school teachers are the people who first introduced us to the world around us and taught us everything from the basics, or “3 R’s,” “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic,” to civics, world history, science and more. But there’s a problem; that influx of new teachers…is shrinking. What can be done? Join us on the next “Keystone Edition Reports – Teacher Shortage”

Keystone Edition Business - Made in PA

Monday, February 13th 7pm 
You might be shocked at the sheer amount and variety of things that are made right around the corner. From snowboards to mason jars, some things you use every day get their start in your neighborhood. Keystone Edition Business profiles some locally-owned and homegrown ventures.

Keystone Edition Arts - Playing Around: Sports and the Arts!

Monday, February 20th 7pm 
From paintings to poetry, movies to music – artists use sports and the people who play them as subjects for literature, visual art, movies, and more. Keystone Edition: Arts asks what we learn when we look at sports through a creative lens.

Keystone Edition Health - Primary Care: The First Line of Defense

Monday, February 27th 7pm
When was the last time you saw your primary care doctor? Reliable access to a primary care physician is a key component of overall health. The role of a family or primary doctor has evolved and in some cases, become even more integral in leading a healthy life, even as some barriers to access persist.

Scholastic Scrimmage

Tuesdays 7pm & 7:30pm all new episodes!
The competition continues! This high school academic quiz show challenges top students from WVIA’s member school districts about all academic disciplines.

Call the Doctor - Wintertime Illness

Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm
Winter is typically high time for viruses and other infections. The past few months, we had not only flu and COVID to worry about – but an unusually active RSV season as well. This episode is meant to give great information we can all use right now about the “usual” illnesses we see this time of year, how they spread, what to worry or not worry about, and what parents in particular need to watch for in young children.

Call the Doctor - All About Stomach Cancer

Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm
Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, isn’t the most common cancer out there. But because it doesn’t always cause symptoms in its early stages, stomach cancer is often caught late. We’ll dive into risk factors, possible symptoms, how different types of stomach cancer are found and treated, and which other organs might have a connection.

Call the Doctor - What’s New in the World of Physical Therapy

Wednesday, February 15th at 7pm
There’s a very good chance that you or someone you know will, at some point, require physical therapy. Whether it’s because of an injury, illness or surgery, proper physical therapy can help you recover. We want to know what’s new in the world of PT, different techniques and types of equipment a physical therapist might employ, what to expect, and how to get the best experience out of your therapy.

Call the Doctor - Learning to Live With Diabetes

Wednesday, February 23rd at 7pm
Every 23 seconds, someone is diagnosed with a form of diabetes. That’s a statistic from the American Diabetes Association. As common as that is, hearing that you or a loved one has diabetes can be scary. But medical professionals are teaching people all over our area how to manage and successfully live with different types of the disease. We will look into the different forms of diabetes, how each is treated, and what can happen when it’s not.

VIA Short Takes - New episode for TV

Thursday, February 2nd 7pm
In this brand new episode of VIA Short Takes for TV stories spotlighted will be "Larry Vojtko" "The Lands at Hillside Farms" "Thomas Tate" "At Home with Joseph Priestley" and "John Alaimo"

Mind Over Matter - Veterans: Wounded Within

Thursday, February 9th 7pm
Join moderator Tracey Matisak and a panel of regional mental health experts as they discuss the mental health issues of our veterans. Hear stories from people who are coping with mental health challenges and find out where to get help.

Midsomer Murders - Wild Harvest

  • Part 1, Sunday, January 29th 7pm
  • Part 2, Sunday, February 5th 7pm

When wealthy farmer Martin Strickland is covered in truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads to restaurant Wyvern House and its tyrannical celebrity chef Ruth Cameron. Secrets from the past surface and the killer strikes again - but the poison spreads wider than its intended target.

    Midsomer Murders - The Flying Club

    • Part 1, Sunday, February 12th 7pm
    • Part 2, Sunday, February 19th 7pm

    When a body is discovered in a reservoir, having been dropped out of a plane, Barnaby and Nelson find the world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. Are campaigners against the local airfield behind Bernard King's murder or does it link back to a tragic story from World War Two?

    87th Annual Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

    Thursday, February 2nd 9pm
    The 87th ANNUAL ANISFIELD-WOLF BOOK AWARDS highlights the 2022 winners of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards and their work. The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards is the only national juried prize recognizing literature that has contributed to our understanding of racism and human diversity. The program is hosted by acclaimed scholar, lecturer, social critic, writer, and editor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., chairman of the Anisfield-Wolf Books Awards jury and host of the popular public programming show Finding Your Roots.

    Independent Lens - Outta the Muck

    Monday, February 6th 10pm
    A co-production with Black Public Media (BPM), "Outta the Muck" wades into the rich soil of Pahokee, a rural Florida town. Beyond sending over a dozen players to the NFL, Pahokee, a rural town on the banks of Lake Okeechobe, possesses a legacy of resilience and achievement in the face of great storms and personal trauma.

    PBS Newshour Special Report - Coverage of the State of the Union

    Tuesday, February 7th 9pm
    The live coverage will include the president’s speech, the Republican response, and analysis from the PBS NewsHour team.

    Dogs in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries

    Wednesdays 8pm February 8th - 22nd
    Travel the globe and uncover the secrets of the most successful carnivore on the planet: the canids. From recognizable foxes and wolves to the lesser-known ones like the Japanese raccoon dog, canids have conquered every continent except Antarctica.

    NOVA - Star Chasers of Senegal

    Wednesday, February 8th 9pm
    A visionary astronomer in West Africa attempts a high-stakes observation of a distant asteroid vital to a NASA mission. From prehistoric ruins to Islamic skywatchers, explore the heritage and future of African astronomy.

    President at the Crossroads

    Thursday, February 9th 9pm
    A PRESIDENT AT THE CROSSROADS details the life and dualities of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the United States. He was a war hero and champion of veterans. He was cold in one-on-one conversation but a brilliant lawyer and orator. In the area of conservation, he was a visionary, in foreign affairs, foresighted and in his personal life, unconventional. Harrison was an early architect of a social safety net, and he signed landmark anti-trust legislation that is still on the books today. However, he also presided over growing income inequality and unrest, and supported domestic legislation that likely contributed to the economic collapse of 1893. Both were factors that cost Harrison another term. In this one-hour documentary, historians and scholars examine Harrison's formative years, his time in office, and his life after the presidency. Viewers are afforded a look at both the public and private lives of a man who stood at the crossroads between the past and the modern world.

    Great Performances - Movies for Grownups Awards with AARP the Magazine

    Friday, February 17th 9pm
    “Movies for Grownups Awards with AARP the Magazine” returns for a sixth year to celebrate and encourage filmmaking with unique appeal to movie-lovers with a grownup state of mind -- and to recognize the inspiring artists who make them. Each year the centerpiece honor is the Career Achievement Award, celebrating the contributions of cinema legends.

    American Experience - Ruthless: Monopoly's Secret History

    Monday, February 20th 9pm
    Discover the fascinating and unexpected history behind America's favorite board game. Part detective story and part pop culture commentary, the film explores what makes this game - a celebration of unbridled capitalism - such an enduring favorite.

    Nova - New Eye on the Universe

    Wednesday, February 22nd 9pm
    In July 2022, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope released its first images, looking further back in time than ever before to show our universe in stunningly beautiful detail. Within hours of the images' release, NOVA's Ultimate Space Telescope told the dramatic story of the decades-long development, exciting launch, and successful deployment of the most ambitious telescope ever made. But that was just the beginning: With tons of new data and spectacular images flooding in, Part II follows scientists as they peer deep in time to answer some of astronomy's biggest questions. How did the first stars and galaxies form? What role did supermassive black holes and dark matter play? And can we see the fingerprints of life in the atmospheres of distant exoplanets?

    Great Performances - The Magic of Spirituals

    Friday, February 24th 9pm
    Glimpse behind the curtain at opera legends Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman's famed concert at Carnegie Hall on March 18, 1990, featuring performance clips and new interviews with opera star Angel Blue, Met Opera General Manager Peter Gelb and more.

    Next at the Kennedy Center - Let My Children Hear Mingus

    Friday, February 24th 10:30pm
    The Kennedy Center celebrates jazz icon and social activist Charles Mingus at 100. Through performances and conversations, we explore how his outsized personality and inimitable style pushed boundaries and paved the way for future generations.

    Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium

    Saturday, February 25th 10pm
    Billy Joel’s legendary 1990 concert at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx stands as one of the most iconic of all time. Shot in 16mm color film, the original concert has now been meticulously remixed and re-edited. The newly edited version includes a never-beforereleased performance of “Uptown Girl,” along with interviews with Joel and behind-thescenes footage from the event’s production. The set list consists of re-edited versions of songs from the original film, including “Piano Man,” “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “New York State of Mind,” “Shout” and more — all from the historic stadium in the Bronx.

    Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem

    Sunday, February 26th 7pm
    Celebrating 25 years of MIDSOMER MURDERS, this landmark documentary explores one of Britain’s best loved and most enduring crime dramas. New interviews with key cast members including Neil Dudgeon, John Nettles, Jane Wymark and Jason Hughes reveal how the series came to life from the pages of Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby books, beginning with the first episode “The Killings at Badger’s Drift” in 1997. The documentary pays tribute to the on and off-screen talent who have played a pivotal role in the success of the series for 25 years, and highlights early career appearances from A-list actors such as Orlando Bloom, Olivia Colman and Henry Cavill. Go behind-the-scenes as Series 23 is filmed, and join a Midsomer coach tour of the show’s iconic locations. This special is narrated by Celia Imrie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel; Cranford; Doc Martin; Nanny McPhee; Better Things).

    I Miss Downton Abbey

    Sunday, February 26th 8pm
    Revisit treasured moments from the unforgettable series, including new behind-the-scenes clips and interview footage. Celebrate the stellar cast, the superb writing and the spectacular locations of the most successful British drama ever.

    Endeavour: A Countdown to the Final Goodbye

    Sunday, February 26th 9:30pm
    For the past decade, Shaun Evans and Roger Allam, the detective duo at the heart of the series Endeavour, have charmed audiences with their portrayals of the cerebral and solitary DS Morse and the older and wiser DCI Fred Thursday. After 10 phenomenally successful years, Evans, Allam and screenwriter Russell Lewis have mutually decided to bring the internationally renowned MASTERPIECE series to a close with season 9. "Endeavour has been a real labor of love for all of us, and we salute Russell Lewis for his extraordinary achievement in chronicling Endeavour Morse's coming of age across 72 hours of TV," said executive producer Damien Timmer. "Russell always knew where he wanted the series to end, and that remorseful day is nearly upon us. He has many surprises up his sleeve for the final three films, with the return of some familiar faces and new challenges for Endeavour and Thursday to face before the final goodbye."

    Elvis Presley: '68 Comeback Special

    Monday, February 27th 8pm
    Throughout the 1950s, Elvis Presley led the rock and roll revolution in music and pop culture. In the 1960s, he concentrated mainly on his successful movie career. By 1968, it had been more than seven years since he had appeared on stage in front of a live audience. In June of 1968, Elvis taped his first television special in Burbank, California. It aired on December 3 of that same year and accomplished two things: it saved his career and showcased some of the best music of his life. Premiering on NBC, it attracted 42% of the viewing audience, was the network’s biggest ratings victory that year and the season’s top-rated show. It stands today as one of the great moments in rock music history and as a stunningly brilliant milestone in Elvis’ career.

    Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach: Sessions at West 54th

    Monday, February 27th 9:30pm
    In 1996, Grace of My Heart, a musical drama about sixties pop directed by Allison Anders, featured the sweeping song "God Give Me Strength." It was written by Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello, who had been commissioned to create a romantic ballad for the film. Pleased with the result, Costello and Bacharach decided to continue their collaboration and, in September 1998, released the album Painted from Memory on Mercury Records. One of the songs from that album, "I Still Have That Other Girl," won the GRAMMY Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. Bacharach and Costello's partnership was captured in the public television series Sessions at West 54th, with host David Byrne interviewing the duo between performances. Songs in the program include "Toledo," "Painted from Memory," "In the Darkest Place," "I Still Have That Other Girl," and "God Give Me Strength."

    Black Broadway: A Proud History, A Limitless Future

    Tuesday, February 28th 8pm
    Join an all-star cast performing songs from the hit musicals Dreamgirls, Ain't Misbehavin, The Color Purple, Porgy and Bess and so many more to celebrate the rich history and evolution of Black roles and voices on Broadway. Weaving the history, prominence and hopes for the future through music, the cast is led by Stephanie Mills, Norm Lewis, Corbin Bleu, Niki Renee Daniels, Peppermint, Tiffany Mann and Sydney James Harcourt. Special appearances include Clayton Cornelius, James Monroe Iglehart, Brittany Johnson and many more.

    Marian Anderson: Once in a Hundred Years

    Tuesday, February 28th 10pm
    Marian Anderson (1897-1993) is considered one of the most important opera performers of the 20th century. The celebrated contralto was born in South Philadelphia on Feb. 27, 1897, and played a vital role in the acceptance of African Americans in classical music and other segregated performing arts genres. MARIAN ANDERSON: ONCE IN A HUNDRED YEARS traces the arc of Anderson's life and her struggles against racism and poverty. The program culminates with her battle against the Daughters of the American Revolution, which led to her historic concert at the Lincoln Memorial.